Amazing Quilts by Grace

Quilts and Workshops by Grace Errea

Welcome to Amazing Quilts by Grace

Welcome to Amazing Quilts by Grace, where you can learn about Grace, learn about classes and workshops, and select the ones you’d like to see presented in your hometown. There is also a wonderful gallery of Grace’s award winning quilts.

I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to seeing you soon. Oh! and visit my Gallery page for more “Amazing Quilts by Grace” !!!

And do not forget to watch 

  • The Quilt Show –  Discover the Rewards of “Value Based” Quilting:  Episode # 1303
  • QATV –  Amazing “Heat-Set” Machine Applique:  Episode # 1809  

and sign up for the Understanding Value in Quilt Design” class offered by                           Craft University (See sign-on logo below).


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