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Amazing Quilts!, from Pattern to Finished Quilt – (3-4 Days)

In this Workshop you will learn all the techniques your need to create amazing quilts from beginning to the end.  We will use and apply the following:

1)  Value and how it relates to working with fabrics

2)  Heat-Set Machine Applique

3)  Finishing your quilt pointers and techniques

In this workshop we will start our journey by exploring the use of Value as the key to creating exceptional traditional and art quilts. During Day-1 we will learn to use Value as the main design element, to enhance a focal point, create dimensionality, set mood and set perspective.  Students will create a fabric 8-Value Gray Scale.

Then we will continue to put the Value focus into effect. Grace will introduce her new, easy to learn and use, Heat-Set Machine Applique technique.  It is so new and revolutionary; you will use nothing else once you try it.  The results are always amazing.

This technique leaves the quilt and the fabric soft and manageable, not stiff and board-like, as fusible webs and glues tend to do. This technique produces a no-fray raw edge applique as a result.  You will be amazed and love the process and the results! and will never go back to fusing, gluing, or pinning and stitching with nylon thread, ever again!

To practice these techniques Grace will provide a few of her simple patterns.

And finally, to complete this workshop we will focus on finishing quilts properly.  Here is what is included:

1) learn tricks for easy sandwiching of quilts in preparation to quilting, no matter how large or small

2) practice some simple and easy quilting patterns, focusing on quilting the focal point as well as the background

3) learn the benefits and method to properly block your quilt so it lays or hangs at its best.  The teacher will demonstrate the blocking technique.

For this class you will need to purchase a kit provided by Grace that includes the pattern, and the Heat-Set product, the fabric and materials for the 8-Value Gray Scale blade. Fee for kit is $25.  (A $30 value when purchased separately)

Suggested patterns to choose from:

The New Dawn Rose Golden Cottonwoods A Bird in Paradise   Summer in the Canyon
Coral Vine Deck the Palms Spiders Galore Early Morning Glory

Please find the pictures and sizes on the Patterns Page.


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