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April 2016

April 2016 Newsletter

(Blue Bird)

Hello and Happy and Healthy April 2016

What is Happening

Currently I am working on three separate quilts.  True to my style, all of them are in the focal point construction phase.  Background will come later and for all of them I need to figure that out.  No idea how it will ultimately look.

The Hummingbird will get a Honeysuckle flower for breakfast.  And the three Harlequin Tuskfish will get an underwater scene.  This is something I have been looking to do for a long time.

Most likely I will create my own background using my Randomly Pieced Technique (which by the way I have in “Book on CD” or Downloadable PDF form).

On the other hand, I am experimenting and developing a new technique for creating amazing and one-of-a-kind appliqued backgrounds using the Heat-Set product that I use in my “Heat-Set” Machine Applique technique.  I suppose I will call it “Randomly “Heat-Set” Appliqued Backgrounds” or maybe “From Scraps to Backs”.   I used it in in my “Golden Eagle” and a few other recent quilts.

Where I Have Been

Where did March go?  I think I travelled so much I lost time and place. I visited the Orange Grove Quilt Guild in Garden Grove, CA and also the High County Quilters in Palmdale, Ca.  Great times and wonderful students in both!

Then spent some time with Susan Brubaker Knapp taping a few segments for Quilting Arts TV.  The first will air around July and I will notify you what and when.

The small Blue Bird quilt in the top of this newsletter was created just for one of those segments and will be used in some future classes.  It is small, very easy and can be completed in a ½ day class.

Finally spent a wonderful time going back to New York in the upstate area that I know well.  Taught a 3-day workshop at the Hudson River Valley Art Center in Greenville NY.  We chose wonderful photos and learned how to create amazing quilt with them as inspiration.

When I left NY in 2000 I thought I would never see or be affected by snow again.  However, 2016 is my year of the snow.  First, due to snow in the mountains the meeting and workshop was cancelled at the Tehachapi Quilt Guild in February in CALIFORNIA.  It is rescheduled for May.

Then, in New York we had snow on Sunday morning, Not enough to affect us but enough to make me reminisce my life in the area 16 years ago.

Here is a collage of picture of what the ladies in the class did.  The theme was to take a favorite photo and create a quilt from it.

Where am I Going Next?

May 2-3 will finally visit the Tehachapi Mountain Quilters in California.
June takes me to Plano, Texas and then to the Santa Rosa and Sonoma areas in CA for more lectures and workshops.  Then a local to me visit to the Night Owls Quilters in Upland, CA.

July will be exciting too with a visit to Quilt Wyoming Retreat in Powell, WY right around the Yellowstone Park area.

Looking forward to many pictures and many great times from all these visits.

Students’ Successes

Thank you Suzon Stroud and Sally Kuck and Delores Dorland. Your Quilts are beautifully done and look wonderful!

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