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BIRD-VIEW Workshop – with “Free-Edge” Applique – SUPPLIES

BIRD-VIEW Workshop – with “Free-Edge” Applique – SUPPLIES

Fabric Supplies:

1) For the Bird and the branch, etc.:

Take a look at the pictures of the bird options and choose one, or invent your own. You will be using the bird pattern provided but, you can choose the bird you will make, its colors, beak size and shape.

Other Supplies:

I will supply (26.00 US fee paid in class)

  • Pattern
  • Product you will use to “Heat-Set” and also used in the “Free-Edge” technique
  • Bottle with flip-top used in the technique
  • Pins – extra thin silk pins

Student needs to bring:

  • Board – 20″x20″ Insulation Board (usually 1- 1/4″ thick).  You can get it at Home Depot, Lowe’s or any building supply store.       Optionally, cover this board with “Insul-Brite” but this is NOT required
  • Brush – soft, ¼” wide
  • Iron and ironing stations. Small travel iron that gets hot enough for fusing. Ironing station can be a simple foam core board covered with batting, “Insul-brite” and muslin. You need a small ironing station, about the size of a page (8-1/2” x 11”)
  • Pens–Sharpie permanent markers Fine point, one black, and ballpoint (not Extra Fine)
  • Pencils – drawing pencils- red
  • Pressing Cloth for appliqué, Teflon type, any size but the larger the better. Grace will provide an alternate
  • Scissors – fabric, paper
  • Tape –painter’s multiuse or masking

Here are some examples of the birds I did with this one pattern.

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