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BIRD-VIEW Workshop – with “Free-Edge” Applique

 Class Description

This class is for beginners as well as advanced quilters. Here you will learn a number of techniques and be introduced to tools to enable you to create amazing textile work.

We will focus on creating bird images and giving them a 3-dimentional, realistic feel and look. Grace will provide a generic bird pattern. You will be able to choose your colors, change the head-crest, tail, or beak and create your favorite bird.   The techniques will be:

  • “Free-Edge” Machine Applique is the technique in this class and it will be used in creating the feathers of the bird, where all the exposed feather shape edges are left unattached, or “free”, giving them the appearance of real, fluttering 3-dimensional feathers. This technique is useful in creating very realistic tree bark, fish scales, etc. as well.
  • “Heat-Set” Machine Applique technique is used for the head of the bird and all other components of the quilt. This enables you in this piece and any other you do thereafter, to create raw-edge applique without any fraying from the raw edges of the fabric. This is an amazingly easy and foolproof technique you really want to learn

Grace will discuss and demonstrate the quilting process so that you can walk out with a quilt top that can be easily and quickly completed. You will have bragging rights to it and you will have learned two amazing techniques.

There will NOT be sewing in this workshop.

The teacher will provide you pattern, the “Heat-Set” product, a dispenser, and the needed pins in the required class kit (kit price: $26 paid to teacher in class)

See Supplies here: Bird View Supplies

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