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August 2014 Newsletter

My newest quilt: Evening Blooming Cereus

This quilt (36″ wide x 44″ high) was designed and created for and with the newest Hoffman of California fabric collection that will be arriving in stores soon. The pattern will be fully available on my website in a couple of weeks so watch out for it if you are interested, either on the Patterns for Sale page, or the Hoffman Patterns page.The challenge in this quilt was the time I had to design, create, and quilt it – about 1 week. I actually forgot to get background fabric when I was choosing the remaining fabrics. Actually it is best to work this way. You never know what background will look best once the focals are done. This mottled fabric works well and it gave the composition a feeling of evening.This collection of new fabrics was just amazing in the colors and textures it contains. Very inspiring.
Above is a close-up of one of the flower, and below, the owl.

Commission Classes

I have had a number of requests to teach in areas local to me, or some of the quilt shops I used to teach in. This year I’ve been busy traveling and teaching in a number of guilds, so I have not taught locally in quilt shops. However here is the announcement that I just posted on my website:
***** Grace can teach private classes, at your own location. If driving, please keep distance within 100 mile radius of Laguna Niguel, CA. I will pay for the mileage and you provide the location. If the distance is further, Grace will gladly travel but, please Contact Grace to discuss charges.Multiple consecutive-day classes will require a place to stay overnight. The fee is $45/person, and the minimum attendees is 4.

Please Contact Grace to discuss classes, schedule, descriptions, supplies, etc.

I will be happy to teach any of the classes on my Workshop Page or design new ones just for you and your group!

Future Workshops and travel

You can check out my whole calendar.I am looking forward to Augustas I will be visiting a few guilds in the Houston, West Houston and Galveston, Texas areas. If you know anyone there – send them over. Have them attend the lectures and the workshop I will be having there.October will be nicely located at the local South Bay Quilters Guild in Redondo Beach, CA. Stop by and/or sign up for the workshop if you are local and/or interested. Would love to see and meet you.

Also in October (10/24/14) I will be back to the Crazy Quilters in Laguna Wood, this time for a Workshop. If you are local to this area, contact Jeanne at She may find a spot for you in the class.

November I will be in New Hampshire at A Quilters Gathering 2014! for multiple workshops:

So, sign up! experience a change in scenery. It will be exciting, inspirational and lots of fun!

Next year begins in February with a Lecture and 2-Day workshop in San Diego for the Canyon Quilter’s Guild. For this group I am designing a brand new class using my “Heat-Set” Machine Applique technique but focusing of simple portraits. The participants will bring a photo of someone and we will create a pattern and the quilt top from that photo. So I am in the midst of creating a number of portraits that will be part of that class.

Here is the one that I am currently doing. Just finished the top, and it is now ready for quilting.

July 2014 Newsletter

Hello to Summer! Hope you like the heat!

May…what a month! It was extremely busy. I met some wonderful quilters in Santa Maria and San Louis Obispo, Ca. Do visit Betty’s Fabric Store whenever you find yourself in those towns, as there is one of them in each. The stores and the fabrics are to “die for”! I had 2 days of classes at the SLO store and met some wonderful students. What a great experience!


A highlight I would like to share with you has to do with VALUE, of course. One of my students at Betty’s Fabrics did my Morning Glory pattern using fabrics I never imagined existed and I do not personally own = calicos. Paying attention to value may not be as easy with highly textured fabrics but, we tried and her flower was very successful. I am looking forward to seeing the entire quilt finished.

The end of May I was invited to teach a bunch of wonderful quilters, members of the “Quilts on the Wall” guild. So much fun! and such a nice group of quilters and artists.

June was a treat as I was extremely local and worked with some wonderful ladies from the “Crazy Quilters Guild” in Laguna Woods. What a treat to meet some of the more local inhabitants and quilters and share their work with me and, my work with them!


My Newest Quilt: Dancing with the Bees

The background was created using my “Randomly Pieced Backgrounds”. I used 12 different fabrics that blended together well and each block was 12 pieces – lots of sewing!


The challenge in this quilt was that the flower was composed of values 4, 5 and 6 red. So to differentiate the petals from each other I resorted to another of the “elements of art” that us quilters’ use and that is “TEXTURE”. Many different red fabrics of different textures were used here.The wings of the bees are 3-dimensional and created by my Creative Embroidery technique that I will be teaching in November.

Last month’s Monarch’s Cone Flower

Last month I introduced my “Monarch’s Cone Flower“ quilt.


This month I am introducing a simplified version of one of the coneflowers in the quilt on the left. This pattern will be excellent when used in my “Introduction to the Heat-Set Technique“ class. Simple enough to finish quickly and so nice to hang on the wall.
Notice that one has a butterfly and the other does not! IT IS ALL ABOUT THE VALUE! A dark butterfly shows off well on the light background and becomes the main focal point. However, it would get lost against the dark background, so I skipped it and let this Cone Flower be the star! all by itself.

I have a friend (Shelley) that I met when

filming my episode #1303 of THE QUILT SHOW. She is the producer of the show and has a few furry sons and daughters. Five cats and a girl bunny called Darlin. I created a small portrait quilt of Darlin and from everything I hear Darlin’s moms are thrilled.


Future Workshops and travel

You can check out my whole calendar here.In JulyI will be going to the Northern California Quilt Council to meet some of the quilters in northern California. I am very excited, as I have not met many quilters from Northern Ca as yet.August will be HOT!!! I will be visiting a few guilds in the Houston, West Houston and Galveston, Texas areas. If you know anyone there – send them over. Have them attend the lectures and the workshop I will be having there.October will be nicely located at the local South Bay Quilters Guild in Redondo Beach, CA. Stop by and/or sign up for the workshop if you are local and/or interested. Would love to see and meet you.

November will COLD! as I will be in New Hampshire at A Quilters Gathering 2014! for multiple workshops:

So, sign up! experience a change in scenery. It will be exciting, inspirational and lots of fun!

New CD will be coming out in July

It will have all the information that my 2-Day “Finishing and Edge-ing your Textile Creation“ class. Information on bindings, “bordings”, 3-D flanges, easy “free” bindings, enveloping your quilt, and much more. Literally a book on disk! ““ I am very excited about this CD and will announce when it is officially out.Hope you are excited about it as well. So much information, so many ways to finish a quilt – whatever the quilt wants!Visit my website, email me with any suggestions, questions or comments.

May 2014 Newsletter

Hello to May!

and April…what a month! Started with a presentation and workshop at the Cactus Sewables Quilt Guild in Yucca Valley, CA on 4/7 and 4/8. It just happened that I was there during their Easter Bonnet Celebration. Enjoy some of their antics on my blog.
Click here to see this slideshow.
Then there were three classes in Tetonia, ID at the wonderful Teton Patchwork Quilters Retreat. We had fun learning and quilting with the incredible view of the Teton Range. On my day off, my hostess took me across the Tetons into Jackson and we toured that area. Met a few friendly Bison, a mama Moose and her yearling, swans, deer and more.
Click here to see this slideshow.
I want to thank all the ladies of Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah that I met at the TETON PATCHWORKS for being so hospitable and such great students. You have made my 10-days stay in Tetonia an experience that I will never forget.
The most fun picture that I would like to share with you is when we met up with a Bison right on the road and he walked along the side of the car with us. This picture is taken right from the car as we were both walking/driving together.
Now that I am back at home, it is time to finish a few quilts for Hoffman California fabrics to take to Spring Market as patterns.
Here they are:
These are available on my website as patterns now.

Here are some news and announcements from Amazing Quilts by Grace

1) For all of you who have taken my “Heat-Set Applique” class I have some good news! While in Idaho I was introduced to this product that can be put on top of your Insulation Boards and it totally protects them from being marred by the high heat that we use for the technique.

The product is called “Insul-Bright” and it is a Needled Insulated Lining produced by the Warm Company. It is used for making hot pads, oven mitts, etc. Just place one layer of this lining on top of the insulation board and then, work as usual.

I am in the process of trying to find out where to get it. I believe some Joann stores carry it. If I can get it in larger quantities I will carry it on my website, and will let you know when that happens.

2) I will be visiting the Santa Maria Quilt Guild on May 14 and 15. Then, I will stop at Betty’s Fabric Quilt Shop in San Luis Obispo, and hold two 1-Day classes on the Introduction to the Heat-Set Machine Applique technique. The first on Friday 5/16 and the second on Saturday 5/17.

Betty’s Fabric store is in San Luis Obispo and the address is 1229 Carmel St, SLO, 93401.

If you are local to the area visit Betty’s and sign up for the class. You can also call them at 1-805-543-1990 or email Sandi at: If there is enough interest we can schedule another class at a later date.

3) In June I will be visiting the Crazy Quilters of Laguna Woods and I am looking forward to this local and wonderful group of quilters. If you are local to Laguna Woods, come, visit and say hello!

March 2014 Newsletter

Happy March !

Wishing you a great month !

February is a short month but this time… WOW when you are busy, it becomes shorter than usual. Classes will be starting for me so it is time to get back to work! Enough of the quilting fun!

Here are there items that might interest you.

1) The Value of “Value” Article

I have completed an article on the Value of VALUE for the National Quilting Association Quarterly Magazine. The magazine is at the printers as we “speak.” The issue will be in members’ mailboxes early March. I will get a few additional copies as this article is exactly what we discuss and cover in many of my classes and presentations.

You know that Value is important. I swear by it and lecture, teach, write and use it in my work. If you are interested in a copy of the magazine and you are not an NQA member, let me know and I will get as many magazines as needed from the publisher.

Great article, if I say so myself. Four pages jam packed with information and many, many colorful quilts.

2) Presentation and workshop at the Flying Geese Quilt Guild, Santa Ana, CA.

Sunday March 9the I will be teaching a workshop to the members of the Flying Geese Quilt Guild in Santa Ana, CA.

The Class will be my well received Introduction to “Heat-Set” Machine Applique – 1 Day. It will be held at the Orange Quilt Bee in Orange, CA.

A few of you expressed interest in attending the class. If you are local and not a member of the Flying Geese QG, give it a try anyway by getting in touch with Glenda McNeil, at She will know more regarding the guilds rules about non-guild-member attendees to the class and, she will also know whether there is any room left in the class.

3) Class CD with step by step information on how to create the “Randomly Pieced Backgrounds” that I so often do

This is my first instructional CD on a technique that I have been using often to create backgrounds for my quilts. The quilt shown in the picture above (Women of Color) is one of many examples. I call this technique “Randomly Pieced Backgrounds”.

I have the CD on my website now, so if you are interested place the order through the For Sale Page on the Website

And by the way, within a week I should have the downloadable version of the CD on my website as well.

So if you prefer to have it right now! that will be an option. And you save on the shipping!

See you next Newsletter !

Always Warmly,

Grace Errea

December 2013 – 2nd post – Value Matching Tool – how to use it

In this Value Matching Tool you will put the fabric or item you want to find the value of right under the opening in the Tool for the hue you are working with.


The Tool is designed to work with eight (8) values. Value 1 is the lightest one and Value 8 is the darkest. You will therefore find for each hue and gray, all 8 values sorrounding the opening.

In the first example I have placed a very very dark navy blue fabric, a value 8 blue fabric:

In the second example I used a light red (pink) fabric. As it turns out it is:


RED VALUE 2 !!!!!

You can use this tool to match fabrics when you need to identify similar and/or equal value. I also use it when I am creating a quilt from a photo. I can identify the value of the shape from the photo and then find the appropriate fabric of the correct value in any color in my stash.

Let me know if you have any questions. Email me if you found a new and different use for this tool yourself.  I would love to post your suggestion for everyone’s benefit !

December 2013- Post 1 – Blue ornament for Christmas 2013 Pattern

Holiday 10% sale!!! off everything!

Hello and Happy Holidays to-be:

It is almost Thanksgiving! and then Christmas, and a New Year starting.  I am not sure I remember all that happened this year. It seems like it was just January and now it is almost another January!

Holiday shopping is here so I thought I would help out a bit.  If you go to my For Sale page you will find that you can get a 10% off the entire order (except shipping and tax) just by using the code GET10.

Everything! Including textile art pieces, patterns, books, charts, etc.  And by the way, I have a few brand new patterns there such as  Home in the Aloalo (hibiscus), the Birds in Paradise and the A Bird in Paradise, and Moondanceâ.   And just finishing up and will post a new pattern by the end of this week of the Hyacinth Macau. You have seen the quilt, and now the pattern.  So shop away without fighting the crowds in the malls.

If you are looking for classes, there will be a couple of newly designed classes coming up soon.  One for example, will be my new class in creating pieced and applique backgrounds.  So keep an eye on my Calendar and my Blog for new and more information.

Whether you visit my website or not, I wish you a very happy Holiday Season and a prosperous and healthy New Year.  May our paths cross again and again¦ soon.













Introducing a new pattern – “Home in the Aloalo (Hibiscus)”

If your soon to take over winter is already giving you gloom and doom feelings, here is a fun pattern with wonderful cheery colors.  This pattern has fabric charts for you to guide you in picking just the right values, colors and textures.

If you cannot travel to Hawaii this year, then enjoy this tropical flower. If you are traveling to Hawaii or any of those wonderful tropical islands, this quilt will forever remind you of your trip.

Why the title you ask???  Well, look close!  It comes with an inhabitant.  By the way, Mr. Frog is an optional addition.  So if you are not into frogs, omit him and call the quilt something else.

Just finished and it is ready to ship immediately.

For Sale page link:

Introducing a brand new pattern – Moondance!

Brand new pattern just finished.  This quilt was done exclusively with Hoffman Batiks.  The pattern contains information about which fabrics and how much of each to purchase if you would like to reproduce it exactly.  But it can be also done with any other fabrics.  The pattern includes color chips for matching, each fabric is value based (values 1-8 from light to dark), and amounts  for all the fabrics used.

Luna moths are so inspiring.  They are graceful as ballerinas, and they are nocturnal insects.

If interested please go to the patterns for sale page or contact me.


September – Long time no see!

It has been a loooong time since I had time to sit down and add some writing to my blog.
Meanwhile lots of classes where I met some wonderful students, a couple of quilts (see below) and lots of patterns that had to be printed, packed and shipped to Keepsake Quilting. My New Dawn Rose was in their Summer Catalog and my White Breasted Nuthatch is in their Fall/Winter Catalog.

Just finished 4-days at the San Diego Quilt Show. First time ever that I was able to meet at this venue people from Winconsin, Hawaii, Arizona, and Mexico! And if I am forgetting a location, please forgive me. And please remind me! Hope you came and enjoyed the show!

Meanwhile I have finished two new pieces.

Moondance is the name of the first one showing my interpretation of the Luna Moth.

The Hibiscus has a story. Last year when I taught at the San Diego Quilt Show, I found this wonderful Hibiscus just sitting there in a pot. Many photos and 12 months later, here is the quilt.

This year I discovered another flower also sitting in a pot. It is a red Antherium. Perhaps it will be my next flower?…. after the ones I already started of course.
See you soon…..I am gathering all my photos from the San Diego Quilt show and I will post them soon so you can meet those wonderful ladies… and one husband! and see some of their work.