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Creative Threadwork – Supply List


Grace will provide a kit with the Stabilizer, water-soluble type. Also many pictures to use as exercises, some pre-printed on Stabilizer.      Kit fee: $10

  • Sewing machine and necessary supplies (bobbins, electrical cord, foot pedal). Bring the ¼” sewing food, an Embroidery and a Free Motion foot (darning foot). A number of machine needles (70 or 80, I prefer the 80).
  • Water-soluble marker (the blue one)
  • Embroidery hoop. 6-8″ is best. Screw or spring, wood or plastic. My favorite is the metal spring plastic, very thin hoop to enable easy placement under the sew machine foot.   (Grace will have some for sale)
  • Small sharp scissors for thread cutting.
  • Sharpie extra fine point permanent marker.
  • Pins and safety pins.

For the Thread Drawing exercise:

  • A piece of very light colored, unprinted fabric. No designs on this fabric, please. A fat quarter size is sufficient. Choose either off-white (can have tone on tone design) or even a batik or hand-painted fabric will work very well, as long as it is very light (pastel) in color.  Muslin is great!
  • Same size piece of batting material
  • Same size backing fabric. Must be a light pastel in color so it does not show though the top. I use the same fabric on the front and on the back.
  • Threads to quilt the design. Choose dark threads that will contrast well with the background fabric. Dark purple, brown, dark red, greens, etc. work well. Regular thread (size 50) is fine but a slightly thicker thread works even better (size 40 or 30 cotton).
  • Regular cotton thread for the bobbin in a color to match the thread you decided to use on the top.
  • Quilting gloves.
  • Pins and safety pins

For the Thread Painting exercise:

  • Simple design to create. A leaf, fruit (ex. Pumpkin, apple, etc. ). Make this a very simple design. Grace will bring some to share.
  • Depending on your design, bring thread to match the colors of what you want. Otherwise, bring a selection of different colored thread. I prefer the 40-weight thread, which is a little thicker than the usual 50 weight piecing thread. However, 50 weight will work well too. You may want to try metallics, rayon, etc. as well.
  • For the bobbin, bring regular cotton, 50-weight thread. Either dark or medium beige or dark and medium grey.
  • Tulle, (nylon or poly netting). White or grey is good. A couple of pieces equivalent to a couple of fat quarters (18″x22″).
  • Optionally, you can also bring different stabilizers, water-soluble type. Could be woven, paper of the clear matte type. This will allow you to experiment with what you bring and Grace brings.

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