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Cut Away or Reverse Applique – Supply List


A Starter Kit is required ($20.00) and will be provided by the instructor. It consists of a final size pattern that will be used as the template. In a 1-day class your choices will be the Rose, the Hummingbird and the Owl.  Also you will receive the product used in this technique, and the brush to apply the product.

  • Brush, 1/4 inch soft painting brush.
  • Cup – small plastic cut with cover for diluting the product. Mouth should be large enough to accommodate a 2” brush
  • Freezer paper roll – 18” wide
  • Masking tape, 1/4″ – 1/2″ wide.
  • Mat knife with a new, sharp blade and rotary cutting mat (any size will work but preferably at least 18″ x 12″)
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Pins – straight pins, preferably long ones
  • Pressing Cloth – Teflon type for applique, any size but the larger the better, or NON-STICK Reynolds Aluminum Foil (most supermarket carry it)
  • Scissor, fabric and paper scissors, seam ripper. The fabric scissors should be very sharp, small and with a blunt (rounded) tip. Best if they are the offset type
  • Sewing machine and necessary supplies (bobbins, electrical cord, foot pedal).
  • Sewing machine feet: Embroidery (open toe) foot and a free Motion foot.
  • Sewing machine needles (70 or 80), preferably the Topstitch type.
  • Straight pins
  • Thread for both top and bobbin.  Cotton, 50 wt., black or to match the designated Top Fabric.
  • Vinyl (2mil)- clear such as a painter’s drop cloth or clear vinyl table covering  2 Mil. Approximately 20? x 30?.  Best is the 2 mil. Painter’s drop cloth as it is thin enough to see through and work with.  Can be bought at any hardware or building supply store.
  • Fabrics – For the Rose:
  • Black unprinted fabric, approximately a fat quarter.  No design on this fabric please. Best to have is batik or any tight weave fabric
  • Other pieces of fabric are also needed in Green and Rose colors. They will be used for the other elements in the pictures.  Fabric can be small pieced (palm size) but best are  1/4 yards or fat quarters. Please see the picture to get some ideas.
  • Fabrics – Owl:
  • One fat quarter each of a dark and a light fabric.  Make sure good contrast.
  • Same size of light batting  (warm and natural is best)
  • Same size backing fabric

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