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Cut Away or Reverse Applique

IMG_8084 rose-quilt-neg

This is a brand new class and recently developed technique by Grace. This technique is an offshoot of Grace’s extremely popular and successful “Heat-Set” technique. The “Reverse” Applique uses the same product and a similar application of the product as the “Heat-Set”. The difference is that instead of applying fabric shapes on top of the background fabric, in “Reverse” you will cut into the background to “discover” the shapes below!

This “Reverse” technique as developed by Grace, is extremely easy and foolproof. It lends itself to stained glass/mosaic textile effects and graphic type design interpreted in fabric.

This is your opportunity to learn from the inventor, develop, and expert of both the “Heat-Set” and the new “Reverse” Applique.

We will begin by taking a small, simple and quick project from start to finish first. Grace will provide all the fabrics for this started project.  This way you will learn the technique and be totally ready to immerse yourself in the  more complex  projects.

For a 1-Day workshop, we will be working on the Rose or the Owl, in order to learn the technique and complete this simple wall hanging. For those who desire a challenge or, for a 2-Day class the Butterfly is also an option.  Please email Grace to ensure that you get the correct fabric requirements.

View supply list here.

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