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December 2016 Newsletter

Just completed two new quilts for which patterns will be provided within a week or so.  These are quilts designed for the fall collection of Hoffman of California Fabrics coming out around June 2017.  This one is called “Arctic Eyes”  and it is 25″ w x 26″ h .

The pattern will have the Hoffman Fabrics id numbers so you can locate


them in quilt shops, but I also and always include VALUES. This way you can easily substitute or change colors.  In fact I am in the process of doing this Boy’s sister in a totally different color just by using VALUE substitutions.  Will share when finished in the next newsletter.
And here is the other quilt and I call it “Peter’s Garden”.  This pattern is also going to be available within a week or so.  Peter’s Garden is 26″ w x 32″h.

Both these patterns will have a chart for the Hoffman fabrics I used for all of you who want to do this exactly as it looks.  But I will also include the values so that you will be free to substitute any fabrics and any color you prefer.

Where I Have Been

December was very quiet, on purpose.  I needed the time to catch my breath and re-coup from my travels.  Time to place my studio and office in order and plan for the future.
Craft University Classes
If you want to learn about Value, how to use it, how it relates to color and how to achieve amazing quilts, register for my class on  CRAFT UNIVERSITYcalled “UNDERSTANDING VALUE IN QUILT DESIGN”.
Sign up.  Use the button is below and use the Coupon Code  VALUE10 to get $10 off the class price.
Please see this U-Tube intro to the class:

And I am also pre-annoucing the next class that will be offered early 2017.
Since I cannot be in all places all the time in person to teach my most popular classes, CRAFT U will be offering my “Heat-Set” Technique Class.  So you will have two options:  My Book-on-CD and the online download of the class from CRAFT U.

You get a pattern from both.  The Book-on-CD has my Blooming Iris as part of the exercise.  CRAFT U’s online class will provide you with a pattern for a Kingfisher Bird to use in your practice. 

Preview the CRAFT U Class

More about the CRAFT U class when it opens for registration.  The class will be called “Exploring Heat-Set Applique for Quilting”.

Where am I Going Next?

In case you are in the neigbourhood, come visit.  Here are my next three months:

Travel life starts again early in January.  I will be visiting the Pajaro Valley Quilt Association in Santa Cruz, Ca.  To honor the Guild’s name “Pajaro” which means Bird in spanish, I will be teaching a BIRD CLASS which will combine my “Heat-Set” machine applique and a little bit about my “free edge” approach to bird feathers.

Travel to  Quilters’ Anonymous and also a visit the Crazy Quilters of Federal Way in Washington state.

Off to Lancaster, Pa. for four days of teaching a number of workshops with the American Quilters Association (AQS), and also judging the show.  See below the list of classes I will be teaching in Lancaster.

For more information, please check out my website’s CALENDAR page.

Heads up about some 2017 workshops that require longer planning on your part.  Especially the below one as this is happening in March/April… just around the corner.

– AQS (American Quilters Society) – March 29-April 1 in Lancaster, PA.  Teaching many different 1-day classes
       3/29 – Value of VALUE lecture and Trapunto
                  Technique 1/2 day class
        3/30 – From Pattern to Quilt using the Amazing
                   “Heat-Set” Applique technique full day class
         3/31 – Randomly Pieced Background class and  the Envelope Edge-ings, both 1/2 day 
         4/1 – Reverse Applique 1/2 day class

– New Zealand Quilt Symposium in Christchurch, NZ  in October 5-10, 2017.  Make plans now!!!

Three classes offered, one designed for the New Zealand Symposium I call “A Bird View” introducing the “Free Edge” applique technique.  Also “Reverse Applique”, and a 2-day “From Photo to Portrait Quilt” Class focusing on people and animal portraits from inspiring photos.

Looking forward to many pictures and many great times from all these visits. Hope to see you there!

A Different type of Edge-ing

Some quilts do not required any border or bindings,  A well finished, clean edge is all you need.  Some call it the “Pillowcase” edge.  I call this edge the “ENVELOPE” finish.
This is an easy technique but it does have some pros and cons that you need to be aware of.   You have to quilt it at the right time since quilting distorts the quilt and the edges will not be square and straight.

Enveloping can be done on quilts up to 40″ on side.  Larger ones require a totally different manner of finishing and still give the edge that clean “envelope-like” edge.

And finally, if you are like me, you probably dislike to do hand work, but a binding on a quilt REQUIRES HAND WORK… UGH!!!
The “Arctic Eyes” quilt of the wolf, above, has a double border but in order to not have to apply a binding I finished it with the envelope technique.  So pretty much everything is done by machine.  And no binding seams to distract you at the edges.

How is this done????  I have written a “Book-on-CD” and make available as a CD or a Downloadable PDF.  They give you ALL these options and the HOW-TO’s to do an envelope edge for a small quilt or a large quilt.  Step-by-step instructions with pictures guiding you to a perfect Edge for your quilt – large or small. with or without borders.

The Book-on-CD is  available on my website at Book and Media for Sale and is called “Binding-less Envelope”.  It comes in CD form or a downloadable PDF file.

While on my webite, visit other pages such as Patterns for Sale. Plenty of patterns to choose from and a few Holiday Patterns you could choose for someone that you know that loves to quilt. They would make wonderful presents and even look great hanging off the tree.   Ruby Poinsettia is on page 3.  Cool Blue and Deck the Palms are on page 1.

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