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Exploring Value in Quilting – Supplies

Grace will provide (kit fee: $14.00):

  • Fabric for the 8-Value Gray Scale to start the Periodic Table
  • Startup fabric and materials for the Value Fan

Students will provide:

  • Poster board, approx. 20″ x 22″
  • Glue stick or fabric safe glue/basting glue
  • Paper and fabric scissors
  • Pens, pencils
  • Rotary cutter and board and 24″ ruler
  • Color wheel (small is OK)

Array of fabrics (small scraps). All colors (yellow, red, blue, purple, green orange), and many values and textures. We are trying to build the “perfect” 8-Value scale for each color so, the more values you bring, the better the chance of completing your Periodic Table.

Fabrics should be “tone-on-tone” (has a pattern or design which is the same color than the background fabric but darker or lighter and is seen as one color). Do not bring scraps with obvious prints or designs, such as florals, checks, etc. These will not work for this class.

Scraps of approx. 2″ by 3″ are all you need. The key is to have all the possible VALUES (variation from very light to very dark) that you can. These will be used to create the 8-Value scale for each color as shown in Grace’s Periodic Table of Value in Color.

You may not have all the values in all the colors yourself but if you bring what you can, to share with others, they will share with you.


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