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February 2015 Newsletter

"Life at Sunset” my App Challenge

Road to California Quilters’ Conference and Showcase invited me to participate in a challenge to create a quilt that represented me – Grace’s App.
I decided to go in the direction of representing my work.  Where I’ve been, where I am now, and where I am planning to go. 

The foreground represents my present.  It is designed using what I love the most – fauna and flora.  For the bird I chose the Heron. It is extremely popular where I live and I get my daily dose of these birds on my morning walks.  I used my “Heat-Set” machine appliqué technique that I developed and currently use and teach.  The heron’s feather are done with the “Free Edge” technique described in my book.  The design is in the contemporary, representational manner of most of my current work. 

The future is represented by the background.  A less realistic, and rather more abstract and impressionistic representation of a sky and sun at sunset.


Shelly’s "Children" portraits

My friend Shelly commissioned me to do portraits of all her babies. She and her partner have 5 (or maybe more?).  She is such a good mom that she is being adopted constantly.  I think 7 now.  I suppose I have my work cutout.
 As of last year there were two quilts:  "William" and the bunny "Darlin".
I just completed Jack, so there are three quilts done now.  Jack is the center and the heart of Shelly and her partner’s family.  He is the lover boy and the purr-er.  So I included hearts in each of the background blocks and quilted “Purr” in each as well.

Here is Jack and a close up of one of the background blocks.

Now I have to choose the next one and there are plenty to choose from.


Art Classes in the Gallery by Biel
2666 Harbor Boulevard, Costa Mesa, Ca
(upstairs inside ACE Hardware)

Starting March 12th and every Thursday thereafter, from 10:00 to 3:00 pm I am starting to teach Textile Art Classes in the Gallery by Biel in Costa Mesa.

 – March 12th and 26th we will concentrate on Exploring Value.  Even though this is intended to be the cornerstone for the textile classes coming up, THIS class is beneficial to anyone that is interested in doing art, be it painting, photography, etc. So join me.
 – April 9th and 23rd the class will focus on Fabric and Thread.  I am planning to have a field trip to a local fabric manufacturer on one of those days as well
 – May 5th and 21st the class will focus on techniques using fabrics.  I will introduce you to piecing and appliqué.  You will complete a small project in each technique that will tell you which is your favorite one.
There will be more after May but at this time I am urging you to sign up and join me for these classes.  Walk-ins are also welcome. Each session if only $20.00, well worth the information you will get.
My calendar has links to class descriptions and supply lists

Use my contact page to reserve your spot:


Upcoming Lectures and Workshops

February – 2/14-2/16 Canyon Quilters of San Diego lecture and 2-day workshop on Portraiture using my “Heat-Set” machine appliqué technique
March – I will be visiting quilt guilds in Iowa and Nebraska
April – 4/14 and 4/19 – Lecture and Workshop at the Sunshine Quilters of San Diego

Hawaii in the Summer – Are you coming??!!

July 19-24 I will be holding a 3-classes/5-day seminar in Kona, Hawaii at the Summer Quilting on the Beach Retreat.  Currently the owners are holding the winter retreat so this one has not landed on their website as yet but, I thought you should plan for summer in Kona with me starting NOW!

I am giving you an excuse to break away and enjoy the water, the sand and some classes.  I will have three classes that will get you to start a project and finish it before you come back.

Check out my July Calendar entry:


How to section:  Small Quilt "Hanging Corners"
or  How to easily hang a small quilt

Small quilts do not need to have an elaborate hanging sleeve sewn on the back.  For these I do the very easy “hanging corners” I like so much.  Here is what you do:                

  1. Cut two 5” x 5” squares of same fabric as the binding or the backing.  Fold in half along the diagonal to form a triangle and press.
  2. Pin each to each top corner of the quilt on the back, aligning them with the top and side edges.
  3. That is it! They will be stitched along with the binding.

Notice that the hanging triangles have been stitched into the top and side binding strips.
For the hanging “hardware” use a dowel or 1” lathe of wood.  I used a ruler here to show you how they look.

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