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Edge-ing Your Textile Creation – 2 Days

This 2-Day class is for anyone interested in taking a quilt top to its full completion.  This will be your best investment in cleaning your closet of all your UFO’s.  We will review the simple traditional binding, but the focus will be on a number of more advanced edge techniques, such as “bordings” and envelope-pillow case edge-ings.  You will:

1) learn a number or bordering techniques.  We will start with a traditional binding, but then demonstrate other finishing techniques such as bording, envelope, 3-D flanges, etc.  You will use fat quarters of muslin to try these and keep them as samples for future use and reference.

2) we will have a discussion of borders and the pros and cons of having them, where they add to the design and where they become a problem in the design.

3) Lean how to create a perfect “envelope” edge to a quilt that needs no borders and/or bindings.

4) learn the benefits and method to properly blocking your quilt so it lays or hangs at its best.  The teacher will demonstrate the blocking technique.

5) learn to make the correct hanging sleeve and apply it to your quilt.

You will be learning on small samples.  This will allow you to feel free to explore and play while learning all these techniques.  At completion you will be ready to

a)  feel totally confident about designing a proper edge for a quilt that will work with the quilt design

b)  know now to totally complete the quilt, including making the hanging sleeve, blocking so it hangs correctly regardless of the quilting distortion, etc.

c) tackle all those UFOs you have hidden in your closet that you never knew how to finish

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