Amazing Quilts by Grace

Quilts and Workshops by Grace Errea

Finishing your Textile Creation – 1 Day

This 1-Day class is for anyone interested in taking a quilt top to its full completion.  You will:

1) learn tricks for easy sandwiching of quilts in preparation to quilting, no matter how large or small

2) discuss and demonstrate some simple and easy quilting patterns, focusing on Art Quilts.  Grace will bring many quilts to show and describe. We will spend a lot of out time in practicing quilting designs.

3) discuss borders and bindings and how to complement your quilt by choosing the right edge-ing.  We will practice the traditional binding.

4) learn the benefits and method to properly block your quilt so it lays or hangs at its best.  The teacher will demonstrate the blocking technique.

You will be learning on small samples.  This will allow you to feel free to explore and play while learning all these techniques.  At completion you will be ready to tackle all those UFO you have hidden in your closed that you never knew how to finish.

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