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From Inspiration to Amazing Quilt Top – Multiple Days Seminar

In this Workshop you will learn all the techniques your need to create amazing quilts from beginning to the end.  We will use and apply the following:

1) Using a Photo to create pattern for a quilt.

2) Discuss photography and composition.

3) Value and how it relates to working with fabrics

4) “Heat-Set” Machine Applique

In this 2-4 Day workshop we will start our journey by exploring the use of Value as the key to creating exceptional traditional and art quilts.  The teacher will provide the Value Matching Tool that will help in this process.

Then we will learn how to create your own pattern from a photo provided by the teacher as part of the kit.  You will be guided to see shapes you never saw before, and with the help of value you will be able to make the pattern.  There will be no drawing but only tracing!  You will be able to choose from photos that Grace will bring.

The choices will be a  closeup of the the New Dawn Rose, and the Apple (La Manzana Roja) quilt.   More information on this pattern can be found on Patterns Page.  (Note:  There will be more choices very soon)

The New Dawn Rose Simple Iris
La Manzana Roja

But we are not finished yet.  This transparency pattern needs to be enlarged to full size for a quilt.  Grace will provide that enlarged pattern and introduce you to her new, easy to learn and use, Heat-Set Machine Applique technique.  It is so new and revolutionary; you will use nothing else once you try it.  The results are always amazing.

This technique leaves the quilt and the fabric soft and manageable, not stiff and board-like, as fusible webs and glues tend to do. This technique produces a no-fray raw edge applique as a result.  You will be amazed and love the process and the results! and will never go back to fusing, gluing, or pinning and stitching with nylon thread, ever again!

Armed with this techniques and all that you learned in the previous days, we will now work with your own photos that have inspired you, and with guidance, will create a transparency pattern so that you can then enlarge it and create your own amazing piece of art.

Optionally, if you choose not to work on your own pattern, you can continue working on the one you  started in the “Heat-Set” section.

At the completion of the class you will be well on your way to releasing the artist within and creating art quilts that are so striking you and everyone around will be amazed.

1) you will have mastered a number of new techniques that you will love,

2) you will have a quilt top almost ready for quilting and finishing, in your own chosen colors, and

3) you will have a pattern created of your own inspiring photo to begin the journey of another amazing quilt.

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