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From Inspiration to Amazing Quilt / Multiple Days Seminar – Supplies

Essential Supplies: Below are supplies for the entire workshop.

1) For the Value Exercise:

The teacher will include the Value Matching Tool

2) For the Photo-to-Pattern- Exercise:

Grace will provide a kit containing color photos and sample pattern for work through the exercises, for you to keep.

3) For the Machine Applique Exercise:


For the Rose: the finished quilt will be approximately 24″ x 30″

For the Apple: the finished quilt will be approximately 22″x 18″

Note:  there will be others.  Please check in 2 weeks before class.

For colors see more on the pattern page    See under La Manzana Roja, and/or New Dawn Rose.

Depending on the pattern you chose, bring lots of scraps.  You will be able to use the colors I used, or choose your own colors but stay within the values I used.  Bring lots of scraps in many values. From lightest light to darkest darks, and the sizes of the scraps should be  from 5″ squares to quarter yards.

For the background use the final size given and add a few more inches on each side.  The color and value of the background will depend on the color of the focal point you chose.  The fabrics should not have a distinctive pattern and I suggest light in value for dark focal points, or dark in value for light focal points.  I would recommend a light background for the Apple, light to medium for the Bleeding Heart, and dark one for the Rose.

Other Supplies

Quilting will be demonstrated but no sewing machine is required in this 1-4 Day class. For longer workshops/seminars, additional supplies are listed at the end.

  • Board – Insulation Board  1 ¼” thick, about 20″ x 30″.
  • A piece of “Insul-Bright” needled Insulated Lining, the size of your board, for board protection (optional).
  • Bottle – a small squeeze plastic bottle with tip (1-2 oz) pr a small glass jar that we will use to dilute the Heat-Set product, as needed.  Grace will have some of these squeeze bottles for sale.
  • Brush – soft, ¼” wide
  • Craft knife such as Xacto
  • Eraser
  • Freezer paper roll – 18″ wide is preferable
  • Iron
  • Paper, lots of scrap paper.  Can be newspaper, paper bags or any scrap paper you have
  • Pens – “Sharpie” permanent markers Fine point, one black, and ballpoint (not Extra Fine)
  • Pencils – “ Drawing pencils-  red
  • Pins- ”Extra Thin” Silk Pins 1”
  • Pressing Cloth- Teflon like for applique, any size but the larger the better
  • Quilting Ruler – 18” – 24″
  • Rotary cutter and mat
  • Scissors – fabric, paper
  • Tape – painter’s multiuse or masking
  • Tweezers – long handled
  • Vinyl- clear such as a painter’s drop cloth or clear vinyl table covering – 1 or 2 Mil. Approximately 30″x 40″.  I prefer the painter”s drop cloth, 2 mil as it is clear enough to work with and very easy to handle.

Kit Content:  Pattern provided in step 2, and the Heat-Set product.

3) For the Photo to Quilt Pattern Exercise:

A good number of original, inspirational photos to choose from. For your first attempt, please keep the subject matter very simple (one focal point and a simple background). Look for pictures/photos with good contrast and value, and clear lines and shapes. Choose those that are not too dark so that you can see details easily.

Calendars, photos from magazines, etc., are also acceptable. The key is simple pictures, good contrast. Simplicity is often more effective than too much detail.

Since this is your first attempt, please do NOT choose portraits of animals or people.

Enlarge your photos to an 8.5″ x 11″ (page) size.

Additional Supplies:

  • A few clear acetate write-on transparency sheets (8.5″ x 11″) commonly used for transparency making for overhead projectors. You can get these at the office supply stores. Clear report covers work very well.

As described above, this class requires a kit provided by the teacher that contains The Value Matching Tool, the 8-Value Fabric Gray Scale, a pattern of your choice (Rose or Apple) and the Heat-Set product.  Also a sample folder for you to keep, of color photos and patterns as examples to work from. Kit fee to teacher: $28.00 (a $34 value when purchased separately).

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