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“Heat-Set” Machine Applique Technique (2-5 Days)

In this class (2 or more days) you will learn to use an applique technique so new and revolutionary, you will use nothing else once you try it. It is easy, foolproof and the results are always amazing. This technique leaves the quilt and the fabric soft and manageable, not stiff and board-like, as fusible webs and glues do. The best however, is that you can do “raw edge” applique without any fraying edges!! This technique produces a no-fray raw edge applique as a result.

The technique is so easy and foolproof that, depending on the length of the class you will be able to complete a quilt from start to finish, tackle larger and more complex patterns, and be able to assemble and begin quilting your art quilt.

In addition, participants will learn about the Value of using Value in their textile work. This workshop is well worth the investment.

To practice these techniques you will have a choice of any one of the wonderful patterns shown below or on website. Grace provides a kit that includes the pattern of your choice, and the Heat-Set product. Also as part of the kit, you will get all that is required to create a fabric gray scale to help you with your fabric choices. (Kit cost is $25, a $28 value).

List of patterns to choose from:

A Bird in Paradise A Blue Butterfly Just Landed Blooming Iris Cerulean Butterfly
Coneflowers in the Pink Cool Blue Xmas Coral Vine Deck the Palms
Early Morning Glory Generic Birds Home in the Aloalo (Hibiscus) La Manzana Roja
Monarch’s Cone Flower The New Dawn Rose Plumeria and Guest Purple Royale
Spiders Galore

Look for the pictures and sizes on the Patterns Page and here is the Supply List

Note : If you have your heart set on a pattern on Grace”s website that is not on this list, email Grace ( so that she can bring it to class. Please realize that you may not finish it in class. However, you will have enough information and practice to finish it later. That is a promise!

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