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Intro to Heat-Set Machine Applique – 1 Day – Supplies

Quilting will be discussed but no sewing machine is required in this 1 Day class.

This class will require a kit provided by the teacher containing:

  • Pattern
  • Product you will use to “Heat-Set” and also used in the “Free-Edge” technique
  • Bottle with flip-top used in the technique
  • Pins – Extra thin

Kit price: $26.00

You will be able to choose a pattern from the ones suggested.  Use the colors I used, or choose your own colors.  Ensure you bring lots of fabric scraps in many values.  From lightest light to darkest darks. Fabric scraps can be any sizes from small, palm size pieces to quarter yards.  If you choose to do the Bird in Paradise pattern, please bring 1/4 yards as there are some long sized pieces in this pattern.

The patterns that need a background, verify the quilt size as documented on the web, but most quilts do not exceed 24″ x 36″.  Choose fabrics that do not have a distinctive pattern and are light in value for dark focal points, or dark in value for light focal points.  Be aware of directional fabrics.

Other Supplies:

  • Board – 20″x30″ Insulation Board (usually 1 1/4″ thick).  You can get it at Home Depot, Lowe’s or any building supply store.  If you can handle a 30″x40″ that is even better but the smaller will work too.
  • A piece of “Insul-Bright” needled Insulated Lining, the size of your board, for board protection (optional).
  • Brush – soft, “¼” wide
  • Freezer paper roll – 18” wide
  • Iron
  • Paper, lots of scrap paper. Can be newspaper, paper bags or any scrap paper you have.  Or paper towels.
  • Pens- “Sharpie” black permanent markers Fine point (not Extra Fine),  and ballpoint. Also a color pencil –  best red or green.
  • Pressing Cloth – Teflon type for applique, any size but the larger the better, or NON-STICK Reynolds Aluminum Foil (most supermarket carry it)
  • Scissors – fabric and paper
  • Tape – painter’s multiuse or masking
  • Vinyl (2mil)- clear such as a painter’s drop cloth or clear vinyl table covering  2 Mil. Approximately 30″ x 40″.  Best is the 2 mil. Painter’s drop cloth as it is thin enough to see through and work with.  Can be bought at any hardware or building supply store.

Choose a pattern (see the class description) and look for the pictures and sizes on the patterns page.

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