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January 2015 Newsletter

And here we are, 2015 has arrived!

And the holidays are over and life is back to normal.
In this Issue:
  1. Two “Cardinal Bird Quilts”
  2. Two new CDs to choose from
  3. Quilt Show at Vivante in Costa Mesa
  4. Quilting is making in-roads into the Art World
  5. How to section-Students’ quilt for your inspiration

Newest quilts joining Grace’s Aviary:

“He is Red!” and “The Couple on the Dogwood Tree”

Cardinals are in the family Carinalidae. They are birds found in North and South America. Unfortunately, they do not live in California. They are also known as cardinal-grosbeaks and cardinal-buntings.The male Northern Cardinal is perhaps the perfect combo of familiarity, conspicuousness, and style: a shade of red you can’t take your eyes off. Even the brow females sort a red crest and warm red accents. Cardinals do not migrate and they do not molt into a dull plumage, so they are still breathtaking in winter’s snowy backyards. In summer, their sweet songs are one of the first sounds in the morning.I remember looking for them and feeding them in winter when I lived in New York. You certainly cannot miss them, hopping in the snow and on snow covered bushes.
I completed the single male cardinal quilt first.  And then, inspired by a particular painting by may dad – see below (he loved birds as much as I do and painted many of them in his spare time), I completed the “The Cardinal Couple”
Two new CD’s are officially offered on my website.
As promised, the CD on directions on how to edge quilts with a binding-less finishis out and on my website.  This edge-ing is also known as the Envelope or the Pillow-case.It contains step by step directions and explanation of two techniques that will give you the ability to create professional looking binding-LESS “envelope” edged quilts.
The second CDwas an after-effect of “The Couple on the Dogwood Tree” quilt.I had finished quilting, blocking to perfection and squaring the quilt precisely.  I was planning to edge it with just a small red binding.I hung it on my design wall  and was choosing the fabrics when, I suddenly realized, to my HORROR that this quilt needed more than a binding.

It cried for a healthy border!

But the problem is that there was no backing and batting allowances to add borders!  I had chopped them all in the squaring step.  Oh what to do?  I am sure many of you had that problem and either solved it somehow!

This CD tells you, step by step my solution to how to extend the quilt and create bordersof any size.The solution is generic and the 3-D flange can be omitted and the borders can be any size you want.  So here it is!
Quilt Show at Vivante in Costa Mesa, CA.
Lee Anna Yater, the Art Director at Vivante on the Coast, in Costa Mesa, CA. is putting a quilt show.   The artist reception will on the 9th of January at 3:30pm in the Melange Lobby. Vivante on the Coast is at 1640 Monrovia Ave, Costa Mesa, CA I will be there at the reception so please, come and visit and enjoy the day.  If you cannot make it to the reception, then just go see the show!  Pictures I take will be posted next month.

Quilting is making in-roads into the Art World

Many time in the past, I submitted my quilts to Art Centers or for publication in Art books that showcase painting, jewelry, sculpture, etc.  So far I have been totally unsuccessful.Last year however, two of my quilts (Sunset on the Beach and Women of Color)
Many time in the past, I submitted my quilts to Art Centers or for publication in Art books that showcase painting, jewelry, sculpture, etc.  So far I have been totally unsuccessful.Last year however, two of my quilts (Sunset on the Beach and Women of Color)
were accepted for publication in an Art Book published by North Light Books!  The book is called “Incite 2 – Color Passions”.  I am thrilled to see the quilts along with watercolor, acrylic, oil paintings, chalk drawings, and many other art media.
You can get this book from or let me know and I can get it for you at a 20% discounted price.  I believe the book sells for $29.99 so that would be $6 less.
Additionally, last month I was invited to submit again for next year’s edition of “Incite 3 – The Art of Storytelling” and again my “Rainbow Canyon” was accepted for publication. This book will publish in 2015.
I am doubly pleased to be included.  It is such a pleasure to be among so many other media artist and feel that textile art is becoming recognized as art!Secondly because “Rainbow Canyon” is one of the quilts that I never got back from the solo gallery show I had last year in Homer Alaska.  Lost in transit! so they said.   It is nice to see this quilt continues to be successful and, maybe someone will recognize it somewhere and find it for me.

How to section: Inspiration time!

I would like to start the year by sharing with you the students’ quilts that were shared with me.  There are no names here but I am sure you will recognize your quilt.  If I missed someone, please forgive me and just let me know.  I will joyfully include it next month.
Click here to view pictures of my student’s quilts.

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