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January 2017 Newsletter

Where I Have Been

Year started in Santa Cruz, Ca area visiting the Pajaro Quilters Association.  The workshops revolved around making my Generic Bird (pajaro in spanish) pattern.  Ideal pattern for a 1-day workshop.
Here are six completed birds. I am looking to the pictures of all the completed birds in the class.  That will be fun to share.

Craft University Classes

If you want to learn about Value, how to use it, how it relates to color and how to achieve amazing quilts, register for my class on  CRAFT UNIVERSITY called “UNDERSTANDING VALUE IN QUILT DESIGN”.
Sign up.  Use the button is below and use the Coupon Code  VALUE10 to get $10 off the class price.But now also the second class has been opened.  This is the “Heat-Set Applique” class.
Here is a link to the trailer for the “Exploring Heat-Set Applique for Quilting” class: this is how quickly you will be able to create a quilt top with this technique: a look and take the classes!




Where am I Going Next?

In case you are in the neigbourhood, come visit.  Here are my next three months:

Travel to  Quilters’ Anonymous and also a visit the Crazy Quilters of Federal Way in Washington state.

Off to Lancaster, Pa. for four days of teaching a number of workshops with the American Quilters Association (AQS), and also judging the show.  See below the list of classes I will be teaching in Lancaster.

For more information, please check out my website’s CALENDAR page.

Heads up about some 2017 workshops that require longer planning on your part.  Especially the below one as this is happening in March/April… just around the corner.

– AQS (American Quilters Society) – March 29-April 1 in Lancaster, PA.  Teaching many different 1-day classes
       3/29 – Value of VALUE lecture and Trapunto
                  Technique 1/2 day class
        3/30 – From Pattern to Quilt using the Amazing
                   “Heat-Set” Applique
technique full day class
         3/31 – Randomly Pieced Background and Envelope Edge-ings, both 1/2 day 
         4/1 – Reverse Applique 1/2 day class

Please click:
  2017 Lancaster AQS QuiltWeek classes    

New Zealand Quilt Symposium in Christchurch, NZ  in October 5-10, 2017.  Make plans now!!!

Three classes offered, one designed for the New Zealand Symposium I call “A Bird View” introducing the “Free Edge” applique technique.  Also “Reverse Applique”, and a 2-day “From Photo to Portrait Quilt” Class focusing on people and animal portraits from inspiring photos.

Looking forward to many pictures and many great times from all these visits. Hope to see you there!

A Different type of Applique


In this applique technique, instead of applying fabric shapes on top of the background, you cut into the background to discover the shapes and colors below.  It is used in MOLA designs where they are hand stitched.  The technique I developed is done by machine and it also uses the same adhesive product I use in my extremely successful “Heat-Set” Applique technique.

It lends itself to stained glass, mosaic, and graphic type effects using fabrics.

Appears that this is becoming popular as I will be teaching it in March in AQS in Lancaster, in September when I visit the Rocky Mountain Creative Quilters, and even in New Zealand as one of my classes.

How is this done????  If you are in the area, come to one of the above classes.  Otherwise, to be able to offer it to anyone that would like to learn how to, I have written a “Book-on-CD” and make available as a CD or a Downloadable PDF.  This gives you ALL these options and the HOW-TO’s to do this technique and it includes a couple of patterns to practice on.  Step-by-step instructions with pictures guiding you to a quilt top you will be happy and proud of.

These are the patterns that you will see and have on the “REVERSE APPLIQUE” BOOK-on CD.

The Book-on-CD is available on my website at Book and Media for Sale and is called “Reverse Applique”.  It comes in CD form or a downloadable PDF file.

While on my webite, visit other pages such as Patterns for Sale. Plenty of patterns to choose from, as well as quilts to purchase, and other great products.

Happy New Year to ALL and wishing you a happy, healthy and very rewarding 2017!

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