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July 2014 Newsletter

Hello to Summer! Hope you like the heat!

May…what a month! It was extremely busy. I met some wonderful quilters in Santa Maria and San Louis Obispo, Ca. Do visit Betty’s Fabric Store whenever you find yourself in those towns, as there is one of them in each. The stores and the fabrics are to “die for”! I had 2 days of classes at the SLO store and met some wonderful students. What a great experience!


A highlight I would like to share with you has to do with VALUE, of course. One of my students at Betty’s Fabrics did my Morning Glory pattern using fabrics I never imagined existed and I do not personally own = calicos. Paying attention to value may not be as easy with highly textured fabrics but, we tried and her flower was very successful. I am looking forward to seeing the entire quilt finished.

The end of May I was invited to teach a bunch of wonderful quilters, members of the “Quilts on the Wall” guild. So much fun! and such a nice group of quilters and artists.

June was a treat as I was extremely local and worked with some wonderful ladies from the “Crazy Quilters Guild” in Laguna Woods. What a treat to meet some of the more local inhabitants and quilters and share their work with me and, my work with them!


My Newest Quilt: Dancing with the Bees

The background was created using my “Randomly Pieced Backgrounds”. I used 12 different fabrics that blended together well and each block was 12 pieces – lots of sewing!


The challenge in this quilt was that the flower was composed of values 4, 5 and 6 red. So to differentiate the petals from each other I resorted to another of the “elements of art” that us quilters’ use and that is “TEXTURE”. Many different red fabrics of different textures were used here.The wings of the bees are 3-dimensional and created by my Creative Embroidery technique that I will be teaching in November.

Last month’s Monarch’s Cone Flower

Last month I introduced my “Monarch’s Cone Flower“ quilt.


This month I am introducing a simplified version of one of the coneflowers in the quilt on the left. This pattern will be excellent when used in my “Introduction to the Heat-Set Technique“ class. Simple enough to finish quickly and so nice to hang on the wall.
Notice that one has a butterfly and the other does not! IT IS ALL ABOUT THE VALUE! A dark butterfly shows off well on the light background and becomes the main focal point. However, it would get lost against the dark background, so I skipped it and let this Cone Flower be the star! all by itself.

I have a friend (Shelley) that I met when

filming my episode #1303 of THE QUILT SHOW. She is the producer of the show and has a few furry sons and daughters. Five cats and a girl bunny called Darlin. I created a small portrait quilt of Darlin and from everything I hear Darlin’s moms are thrilled.


Future Workshops and travel

You can check out my whole calendar here.In JulyI will be going to the Northern California Quilt Council to meet some of the quilters in northern California. I am very excited, as I have not met many quilters from Northern Ca as yet.August will be HOT!!! I will be visiting a few guilds in the Houston, West Houston and Galveston, Texas areas. If you know anyone there – send them over. Have them attend the lectures and the workshop I will be having there.October will be nicely located at the local South Bay Quilters Guild in Redondo Beach, CA. Stop by and/or sign up for the workshop if you are local and/or interested. Would love to see and meet you.

November will COLD! as I will be in New Hampshire at A Quilters Gathering 2014! for multiple workshops:

So, sign up! experience a change in scenery. It will be exciting, inspirational and lots of fun!

New CD will be coming out in July

It will have all the information that my 2-Day “Finishing and Edge-ing your Textile Creation“ class. Information on bindings, “bordings”, 3-D flanges, easy “free” bindings, enveloping your quilt, and much more. Literally a book on disk! ““ I am very excited about this CD and will announce when it is officially out.Hope you are excited about it as well. So much information, so many ways to finish a quilt – whatever the quilt wants!Visit my website, email me with any suggestions, questions or comments.

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