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July 2015 Newsletter

July 2015 Newsletter

Hope every one have a terrific 4th of July celebration. It is hard to believe that half of 2015 is gone.

Above is my newest quilt.  Not like my usual thing, you say!!??  It was made for an office that gets a lot of kids and currently has similar decorations with fish and coral reefs interpreted using blown glass.  I do not do glass but seeing what the customer likes, this is my textile interpretation of similar topic.

A few of my students’ quilts
This month I am sharing a few student quilts that were done AFTER they took my “From Photo to Art Quilt” Class.  These are not my patterns but the owners’ own photo translated into a wonderful quilts.

You can do this too!  I will be teaching this same class at Betty’s fabrics in San Luis Obispo in August 22-23 (Saturday and Sunday).  It is a 2-Day Class.  So sign up!!!

Thank you Diane Beaman, Delores Dorland, Cyndi Zoller, Lynn Wolaver, and Laura Gottlieb.

Plumeria pattern on sale!
Summer brings flowers and my plumeria is flowering like mad.  My back yard has that wonderful perfume. 

To celebrate my travel to Hawaii in a couple of week I am making this a real good sale for you. $5.00 plus shipping/tax. You save $10.00! What a deal! 

Get one pattern for you and one for someone you like.  And remember that with my patterns you do not have to make it as a Ruby Plumeria because the patterns are “value-lized” so any color is possible! My Plumeria is not ruby red!

Art classes in Costa Mesa
July 16th – We will focus on a couple of edge-ings to finish quilts with professional looks but no standard bindings.  This class will show you how to do what I call “Bordings” and we will learn how to do them two ways.  Description and Supply list posted on the calendar.
For August 6 It has been requested by a number of people to bring back Grace’s “Heat Set” Machine Applique technique. We will make a simple cute little bird quilt and learn the technique.  Or, if you already attended my class you can  bring any of your unfinished work and we can FINISH it.
By the way, if you took this class a year or more, COME!  I have changed and improved the process even better than it was before. If you liked it then, you will LOVE it now!

Spend 4 hours with me and walk out knowing how to do this revolutionary technique!

See my calendar for class description and supplies for these two sessions.

The other dates have been posted on my calendar and are:

  • August 27
  • September 10 & 24
  • October 8 & 29

The topics for these sessions are TBD as I am waiting for ideas from YOU as to what topics are you looking for.  Here are some of my ideas:

I am urging you to sign up by emailing me with the class date you are interested, and join me at these classes. Send me an email ( or reach me through my contact page.

Walk-ins are also welcome. Each session if only $20.00, well worth the information you will get.  I start 10 am sharp and we break at 2:00-2:30pm.

Use my contact page to reserve your spot. You need not pay up front.

Other upcoming workshops and classes
August 20 – 21:Cotton Patch Quilters of Kern County in Bakersfield, CA, Lecture and Workshop.  The workshop will be “Introduction to the Heat-Set Machine Appliqué“.

August 22-23 – workshop at Betty’s Fabrics in San Luis Obispo.  2-Day Class in From Inspiration to Amazing Quilt Top .September 14-15 – Lecture and Workshop at the Lincoln Quilt Guild in Lincoln, NE.  So all of your wonderful quilters that I was lucky to meet in Nebraska and Iowa when I visited you in March, come and visit, or attend the lecture and class or just come!!!!!

Hawaii – Date is next week!! And I am packed!!!

July 19-24th I will be teaching a 5-Day seminar in Kona, Hawaii at the Summer Quilting on the Beach Retreat. There will be three classes and lost of fun. More information on both my website and theirs. See the July 2015 entry:

How to section: Questions from Students

A few of you have written to me looking for suggestions on technique, ideas or whatever.  So today I will answer one of those questions:

Question: I am in a rut.  It appears that every project I do I seem to pick the same color (green) and I am getting bored.  But, I just cannot break away!

Here is my answer: Focus on VALUE! Instead of color.  Make a small quilt in values of gray!  This will allow you to focus on shapes, textures, and lines in the pattern. This will take you away from making “color” decisions and get more familiar with all the other art elements that are there at our disposal.

If you have a question sent it over!  I will be happy to think about it and figure out what I would do with it and then reply.  Hopefully the above will work for the person that sent it and many others!

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