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May 2015 Newsletter

May 2015 Newsletter

Hello all! Wishing you a Happy Month of May!

You are seeing my recently finished new quilt designed with Hoffman fabrics and for the Spring Market Hoffman collection.  This is "Purple Royale".  It is 18" x 28" and the pattern will be available on my For Sale page very soon.  


Grace’s Aviary

I just added my new "American Warbler" to the Aviary.  

Grace’s Aviary Album

A few of my students’ quilts
Thank you Lynn, Jean, Delores, and Cyndi.  More students’ next month.
Art classes in Costa Mesa
May 21st will focus Grace’s “Heat Set” Machine Applique technique. So, if you want to learn it or, if you took this class a year or more, COME!  I have changed and improved the process even better than it was before.
Spend 4 hours with me and walk out knowing how to do this revolutionary technique!

Description/Supply list and image of the project is on my website. Follow this link to the May 21st entry on my calendar.

May 21st in Costa Mesa
June 4th will focus on learning Grace’s “Randomly Pieced Backgrounds” to create amazing and beautiful backgrounds.  Description and Supply list for this class will be posted in 1 week.

The other dates have been posted on my calendar and are:
June 18, July 2 & 16, August 6 & 27, September 10 & 24 and October 8 & 29. 
The topics for these  sessions are TBD as I am waiting for ideas from YOU! as to what topics are you looking for.  Here are some of my ideas:

  • From Photo to Quilt Pattern
  • Quilting techniques
  • Finishing the quilt techniques
  • Choosing the proper edge for the quilt
  • Designing an art piece

I am urging you to sign up and join me at these classes.  Send me an email ( or reach me through my contact page.

Walk-ins are also welcome. Each session if only $20.00, well worth the information you will get.  I start 10 am sharp and we end at 2:00-2:30pm. 

Use my contact page to reserve your spot.

Other upcoming workshops and classes
May 13th and 16thGlendale Quilt Guild Lecture and Workshop.  The workshop will be “Introduction to the Heat-Set Machine Appliqué".
May 26 – workshop at the Sierra Gold Quilt Guild in Pine Grove, CA

May 28 and 30 – Lecture and Workshop at the Manteca Quilt Guild in Manteca, Ca.


Hawaii – Date is getting close!!!!

July 19-24th I will be teaching a 5-Day seminar in Kona, Hawaii at the Summer Quilting on the Beach Retreat.  There will be three classes and lost of fun.  More information on both my website and theirs.  See the July 2015 entry:

How to section: Using Painter’s Vinyl in Quilting

Use 1: As all of you who took any of my machine appliqué classes and/or have my book know, I use the 2 mil weight painter’s vinyl to trace my pattern onto.  Then I layer this vinyl onto the board or the background I am working with and pin the vinyl on the top only.  This way I can raise it and insert my fabric shapes under it, using the tracing on the vinyl as a map to locate my shapes in the design.
Use 2: Here is another important use of the vinyl.  Suppose you have a quilt that you are now getting ready to quilt (art or traditional) but, you are not sure what quilting patterns will work best.  Then cover the quilt totally with a clean vinyl of a size slightly larger than the quilt. 

Remember to cover the entire quilt extending the vinyl by 1-2” on all sides.  Pin to prevent movement.
Using a water soluble marker draw the design you are thinking about on the vinyl.  If you like it, you are all set to quilt.  If you do not like it, you will not have to seam-rip the stitches.  All you will need to do is to wash the design or areas of the design you do not like and start all over.

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