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November 2015

November 2015 Newsletter

“Belladona Trumpet” (32″ w x 24″ h)
The white and lavender-tinted, trumpet-shaped bloom that I see so often on my morning walks, provide a fairyland to moths, butterflies, long-tongued bees, hummingbirds and magical perfumed moonlit nights. This gives rise to some of the plant’s names, for instance, Angel’s Trumpet, Moon Lily, Moon Flower or Belladona (beautiful lady).

By contrast, the bristly fruit and stale-smelling leaves speak to another, more sinister side of the plant, to a dark and fearsome netherworld of poison and potential emotional collapse, physical sickness and even death. These parts of the plant have given rise to alternative names such as Devil’s Trumpet, Deadly Nightshade, Thorn Apple, Mad Apple, Hairy Jimson-weed, Stink Weed, Green Dragon and Locoweed.

Oh well! Can’t be perfect all the time.

Pattern is available now!

End of Year Travels

Many miles were logged by my car during October and the first week of November as I drove to Napa, Auburn, and Beaumont.  And last week I just returned from visiting the Seaside Quilters in San Diego.

I met tons of wonderful quilters and made many friends and great artists. I am hoping to receive soon a large number of photos of completed quilts from the workshops held in each place.

Students’ Quilts Section

Thank you Phyllis for your wonderful Poppy, and Donna for those three wonderful portraits you shared.

Art classes in Costa Mesa

I am putting together a schedule for next year, 2016, for Textile classes in the Costa Mesa Studio (2666 Harbor Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA).

Due to Holidays and my work schedule, they will start in March.

This is a great opportunity for YOU to tell me what you want to learn or practice.  I have a few requests already:

1) Exploring Value
2) Pictorial Quilting
3) “Heat-Set” Machine Applique
4) How to create a pattern from a photo (this may be two sessions)
5) “Free Edge” machine applique (learn how to create wonderful 3-Dimensional birds with Free-Edge feathers). This will be a new class in 2016.
6) Take-Away (Negative) Applique
7) Quilting your Textile.  (New Class)
8) Randomly Pieced Backgrounds (create your own background by using an easy piecing technique)
9) “Bordings” and Facing (make borders and other edge-ings that are unique and make your textile piece shine)
10) Envelope Technique (If your piece does not need a binding, border or anything at all, this is the technique to know how to execute)
Note:  For classes 8, 9, and 10, if you cannot attend the class but want to learn the technique, order my CD for each technique or the PDF Downloadable files for each.

For the Costa Mesa classes, Send me an email or reach me through my contract page.

Each session is only $20.00, well worth the information you will get.  Some may have a small kit fee for items that I will bring.
At this time I am planning to have one Thursdays session/month (start 10 am sharp and end at 2:00 pm, with a lunch break at noon) and one Sundays session/month (starts at 1:00 pm sharp and end at 4:00 pm).

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