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October 2014 Newsletter

Newest quilt, hot out of the oven:
“Ruby Plumeria and Guest”

“Ruby Plumeria and Guest”  (31” wide x 21” high) was inspired by my potted flowering Plumeria. Only difference is that I colorized it using my Value technique, as my potted Plumeria is white/yellow.
I love the beautiful flowers against the dark green leaves, regardless of hue.  And the perfume!!!!!!!!! Oh, and look close… there is a guest among the leaves!!! Look for the pattern on my Patterns for Sale Page by mid October.

New Class for all interested in “Portrait” Quilts

September was a quiet month.  A number of small portrait quilts, most from the same original photo, are now complete.  This will now be the basis of my new Portrait class due to debut in February 2015 with the Canyon Quilters Workshop.
For this 2-Day class , you will bring some favorite photos and using my quilts and your photos, you will learn what to look for in portraiture, what to expect, many of the tricks I learned from my portrait drawing class.  This will enable your quilt to look like the person in your photo.Then you will create a pattern from that favorite photo.

Description and supply will be posted on my website within a week.

If interested, let me know as I am planning to sign up to teach this class next year in a couple of local quilt shops.  But the class will be available to Guilds, private classes or whenever you want me.

Workshops and Exhibits: 

Grace’s Calendar for 2014 – Come and visit!October will be nicely located at the local South Bay Quilters Guild in Redondo Beach, CA.  I will be lecturing my “Value of Value” lecture on the 21st and then will have a workshop on the 22nd.  Stop by and/or sign up for the workshop if you are local and/or interested.  Would love to see and meet you.

November will see me traveling to New Hampshire to teach at the Quilters’ Gathering! for multiple workshops:

So, sign up! experience a change in scenery.  It will be exciting, inspirational and lots of fun!

Also in October 2-31,2014 there is a quilt show at the Poway Art Center in Poway, CA. called “Shades of Passion”. I urge you to visit the show, you will enjoy it tremendously.  Two of my pieces are part of that exhibit. They are, “Very Aloe” and “Birds in Paradise”.  

My instructional CDs: “Trio of Quilt Edge-Finishes” and “Randomly Pieced Backgrounds”

My latest CD: A Trio of Quilt Edge-Finishes came out last month!! This month you will find that I have included a downloadable PDF option for both this CD and the Randomly Pieced Backgrounds as well.  They not only cost less but you will not need to pay shipping charges.  What a deal!

Quilt Designs in Stone!!

Are you re-decorating your house, or you know someone who is?Check out the “Flekman Arts” website.  Many of my quilts will be converted into tiles and ceramic decorations for your home.

TIP OF THE MONTH: Storing and Shipping your Quilts

I do not like the creases that develop on quilts when they are stored folded.  The creases can remain there permanently especially in quilts that have any fusing. I store my quilts rolled on children’s foam swimming noodles. I cover the noodle with batting and then I roll my quilt front facing out, starting from the top down. When you roll the quilt facing out and from top to bottom, they will hang properly when they are unrolled and hung for display.
Otherwise, the quilt tends to curl up from the bottom or in from the edges when it is hung.I may roll a few quilts together one on top of the other.  I then cover this roll with a fabric pillowcase made to fit and tie the top end.

If rolling is not an option, then I do fold the quilt but I place a lot of acid free paper in the fold lines.  I never fold the quilt in the middle.  I usually try to fold in thirds and then thirds again.

Hope this helps and makes your beautiful quilts look gorgeous!! Off and on the wall!

And finally a question that only you can answer!

I would very much like to hear from you.  Do you have any suggestions for classes, workshops, information that you would like to learn????  What would you like to hear about, or discuss.  Any thing that you would like to hear in the next TIP OF THE MONTH?Do YOU have something that you would like to share?  Have an idea?  I would love to include it in the next Newsletter or my blog!  So please share with me!

Any suggestions for improving this Newsletter?  Anything goes!!!

Please talk to me either through my website:,

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