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October 2015

October 2015 Newsletter

“COLUMBINE – WOODLAND’S TREASURE” (28” W x 28 1/2” H) and “DAISY” (20” S 15”)

A couple of “newies”

Above and below are two new quilts.  The Columbine was an experiment on trying to create a “low value” scene where the flower, albeit stands out as a focal point, but it very nevertheless gets lost in the woodland/background scene.  As usual, IT IS ALL ABOUT THE VALUE and keeping the values of the focal and the background close rather than a high value separation.

Daisy is my fourth quilt just finished for Shelly Heesacker.  Shelly lives in Oregon and has 5 felines, one canine, and one bunny.  I met Shelly when I was taping my episode #1303 of The Quilt Show with Alex and Ricky.  Shelly is the Producer of the show.  She commissioned me to do small portraits of each of her crew.  Below see “Darlin” the bunny, William, and Jack.  And now Daisy.

September Travels

September was a long distance travel month to Lincoln, NE.  What a wonderful trip! I met a large number of wonderful ladies, quilters and now friends.  One of the highlights of the trip was a visit to the  International Quilt Study Center and Museum in Lincoln, which my VP of Programs from the Guild so graciously schedules and accompanied me.

As I was walking through the rooms enjoying the display when I suddenly remembered that, once upon a time, one of my quilts was acquired by this Museum.  After a little investigation, we found it!  My Morning Glory has been and is a resident of Lincoln, NE.

Students’ quilts section

Thank you Hester.  This wedding quilt you made using my “Heat-Set” machine appliqué technique is wonderful!

To all, keep sending your quilts and I will publish them.  They need not be one of my patterns.  Just inspired by my technique or my lecture.

Art classes in Costa Mesa

October and after, I will have one class on a Thursday and one on a Sunday each month.  This will enable a number of you who work during the week to still attend and learn, meet friends, do some textile work, and enjoy the time together.  Come spend 4 hours with me per session.

Please RSVP so I know you are coming!

 Trapunto (stuffed technique) Thursday 10/15/15.

 3-Dimensional appliqué Sunday 10/25/15.

For Description and Supply list, please see my Calendar’s Art in Costa Mesa October Calendar Entries.

Some more that will be scheduled in the future:

1) ”Free Edge” machine appliqué (learn how to create wonderful 3-dimensional birds with Free-edge feathers)
2) Quilting your textile
3) Randomly Pieced Backgrounds (create your own background by using an easy piecing technique)
4) “Bordings” and Facings (make borders and other edge-ings that are unique and make your textile piece shine)
5) Envelope technique (if your piece does not need a binding, border or anything at all, this is the technique to know now to execute.

Note:  For classes 3, 4 and 5, if you cannot attend the class but want to learn the technique, order my CD for each technique or get on my website and order the PDF Downloadable files for each.

RSVP me to sign up for the sessions by emailing me with the class date you are interested, and join me at these classes.

Send me an email or reach me through my contact page.

Each session if only $20.00, well worth the information you will get.  Thursdays I start 10 am sharp and we break at 2:00pm, with a lunch break at noon.  On Sundays I will start at 1:00 pm sharp and end at 4:00 pm.

Some sessions may have a small kit fee for items that I will bring.

Upcoming Travel

October is northern California time.  Visiting the Napa Valley Quilt Guild on Saturday 10/10 and Sunday 10/11.  Then onward to visit the Foothill Quilt Guild in Auburn, CA on Monday and Tuesday 10/12-10/13.

Finally to round off the month, to Beaumont, CA to visit the Pass Patchers on 10/21 and 22.

November is back to San Diego to visit the Seaside Quilters of San Diego on November 3-4, 2015.

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