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Perfect Bindings with 3-Dimensional Flanges – What a ideal finish to a great quilt! – 1 Day

3-Dimensional Flanges and perfect bindings add spark and a professional finish to your quilts.

In this class details of how to do perfect bindings and 3-dimensional flanges will be covered with step-by-step demos.  Working on practice pieces will allow you to achieve perfection and stunning results with this edge-ing.  You will learn how to:

1)   prepare the quilt for the edge finish

2)   prepare and apply the 3-d flange and a double 3-d flange

3)   prepare and apply the binding

4)   join the tails correctly to finish the binding

5)   finishing binding techniques for a show quality quilts

6)   create a “bording” – border and binding in one

7) prepare and apply a hanging sleeve and hanging corners to the back


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