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Perfect Bindings, “Bordings”, and 3-Dimensional Flanges – What a ideal finish to a great quilt! – Supplies

–      2 Fat-quarter size quilt sandwiches. DO NOT SQUARE. Quilt to hold the layers together.

Use low cost muslin.

–      Fabric, contrasting in color, minimum 1/4 yard that will be used for the 3-D flange

–      Fabric, in yet another color, minimum ½ yard that will be used for the binding.

–      Cotton thread 50 wt., medium gray or beige

–      Fabric scissors

–      Rotary cutter and board

–      Ruler, square

–      Straight pins, I prefer the very thin 1-1 ¼” silk pins,  but the flat headed “flower” pins are good too.  Do not bring pins with large ball heads.

–      Sewing Machine with all the necessary parts (foot pedals, cords, etc.)

–      Bobbins  – pre-fill with same thread that you will be using for the top

–      Bring ¼” machine sewing foot, open-toe “embroidery” foot

–      Sharpie Fine and Extra Fine Permanent Marker, Black

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