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Portraiture – From Photo to a Textile Portrait (2-Day Class) – Supplies

Supply List

A selection of photographs or images of faces. Size of photos should be page size (8 ½” x 11) or 11” x 18” at a maximum.

Please – No cell phone or ipad photos.

Use the frame of your camera’s viewfinder as your compositional space making sure the photographer is very close to the subject being photographed. Some way to steady the camera should be used, either a tripod or the back of a chair.

Fill the entire frame of the viewfinder with the face of the subject, from the top of the head to somewhere in the bottom of the neck, or a little beyond. Sideways should include ears and some hair. There should be no more than ½”-1” around the head of background showing in the photo.

Photos must be taken up close and personal, not enlarged from a distance shot, as the latter will loose a lot of detail in the final enlargement.

We are looking for a full compliment of values so best is to shoot the photo with light coming from one side only so the face is strongly highlighted on one side and in medium (not dark!) shadows on the other. Do NOT use FLASH!

The angle of the shot is up to you. Experiment! But be mindful of the lighting so that no matter what the angle, one side of the face if lit and highlighted, the other is darker, in medium shadow.

Bring a digital image of your chosen photo on a CD disc, thumb drive, or memory chip as I would like to use it to demonstrated a number of computer techniques. I will bring my laptop, you may too, if you would like, but this is optional.

Other Necessary Supplies:

a) For the VALUE Section:
Teacher will provide all the necessary supplies as part of the Class Kit.

b) For the “Photo to Pattern” Section:

– A number of photos enlarged to page size or 11” x 18”

*****Students are encouraged to contact Grace in advance of the class to discuss their image choices at

– A few clear acetate “write-on” transparency sheets (8 1/2”x 11” or 11” x 18”) depending on the size of your photo. Report covers work excellently but they are only page size.

– Pens–Sharpie permanent markers Black Extra Fine point

c) For the Construction Section – “Heat-Set” Machine Appliqué:

  • – Fabrics: I encourage you to do your quilt in any hue or hues other than flesh-tones. Choose your color or colors and bring as many values as you have in medium size chunks. Fat quarters are ideal but palm size fabric chunks are fine as well. The key is: many many values.
  • – Background fabric: for a 2-Day class, do not bring any. You will be working on the face and can audition background fabrics later. For a longer class, bring a background fabric a few inches larger than the final planned size of your quilt in a very dark value. Black is good, but a very dark value of any other color that works well with your chosen hue(s) is fine too. Plan on this quilt being no larger than 20: x 30”.
  • – Board – 20″x30″ Insulation Board (usually 1 1/4″ thick). You can get it at Home Depot, Lowe’s or any building supply store
  • – Brush – soft,  ¼”  wide)
  • – Freezer paper roll – 18” wide
  • – Iron
  • – Jar or small bottle, about 1-2 oz, plastic or glass. Also plastic container or bottle, small about 1/2 or 1 ounce. (both will be used to dilute the product with water).
  • – Paper, lots of scrap paper. Can be newspaper, paper bags or any scrap paper you have. Or paper towels.
  • – Pens–Sharpie permanent markers Fine point, one black and one red, and ballpoint (not Extra Fine)
  • – Pencils – Prismacolor drawing pencils- green and red
  • – Pins- ”Extra Thin” Silk Pins 1”
  • – Pressing Cloth for appliqué, any size but the larger the better, or NON-STICK Reynolds Aluminum Foil (most supermarket carry it)
  • – Scissors – fabric, paper
  • – Tape –painter’s multiuse or masking
  • – Tweezers – long handled
  • – Vinyl- clear such as a painter’s drop cloth or clear vinyl table covering – 2 Mil. Approximately 30” x 40”. Best is the 2-mil weight as it is thin enough to see through and work with. Can be bought at any hardware or building supply store. Do not buy the thick table cover plastic as it does not work well.

Teacher Kit Content: Fabric Gray Value Scale Kit , Value Matching Tool used and created in the Value section; and the “Heat-Set” Product used in the Construction Section. ($20.00. A $22.00 value when purchased outside of class)

Print Your Photo on

A: Go to to enlarge and print your photo and/or pattern.

B: Follow the instructions on the website

C: Click on Step One. Click on the Browse button next to the blank and choose your photo. Then click on Continue

D: In Step Two you can decide how large you want the resulting photo. Your choice will be determined by the number of pages wide you want to enlarge the original photo. Up to 4 pages yields a 400% enlargement. For out purposes stay at 2 pages.

E: In Step Three you click where it says to Download a PDF file containing your photo. Your picture will open up and then you can click on the printer at the upper left and print it out.

Note: I have not discovered a way to save that PDF file to the computer and print it later and/or work on it on the computer.

Note: Please do not bring copyrighted images to class. Because I am being paid to teach you it means that I am the one who breaches the copyright law. Copyrighted images include anyone else’s image – including paintings, postcards, photographs and prints, and images in books or magazines.

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