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September 2014 Newsletter

Hello to everyone and hope summer is treating you well!

Fall is just around the corner. Welcome to September.

My newest quilt: Alaskan Summer

This quilt (29″ wide x 21″ high) and it was inspired by my visit to Alaska last summer. It appears the lupines grow everywhere there in the summer. I love the beautiful flowers against the backdrop of the icy mountains. The technique use is my “Heat-Set” machine applique. In addition I tried an appliqued foreground using 2″ squares, randomly placed to look like a field of lupines. I also used my “Heat-Set” product to applique the squares before I quilted them.

August Visits

Spent a wonderful week in the great state of Texas visiting 3 guilds the Greater Houston Guild, the West Houston Guild and the Island Quilters in historic Galveston, Texas. Met many wonderful quilters and hopefully made some lasting friendships.Here are some pics I gathered for you to enjoy.
While there I had a chance to visit the Houston Aquarium and fell in love with the lion fish-es. This large tank had 6 of them.
While in Galveston, I was taken on a tour of this historic island. Here are a couple of pictures I took from a car while my hostess drove me around town.
Stopped at the beach and I had the pleasure to meet with a bunch of very friendly grackles.

Future Workshops and travel

You can check out my whole calendar.October will be nicely located at the local South Bay Quilters Guild in Redondo Beach, CA. I will be lecturing my “Value of Value” lecture on the 21st and then will have a workshop on the 22nd. Stop by and/or sign up for the workshop if you are local and/or interested. Would love to see and meet you.Also in October (10/24/14) I will be back to the Crazy Quilters in Laguna Wood for a Workshop, this time. I will be teaching my “Introduction to the Heat-Set Machine Applique technique”. Perhaps if you are local to this area, contact Jeanne Stone at She may find a spot for you in the class.

November I will be in New Hampshire at A Quilters Gathering 2014! for multiple workshops:

So, sign up! experience a change in scenery. It will be exciting, inspirational and lots of fun!

Friday 11/7 I was invited to give my “The Value of Value” lecture after dinner. Many have enjoyed that lecture so, if you are around, please do come and attend.

Ongoing Work

I continue to work on developing my new class using my “Heat-Set” Machine Applique technique but focusing of portraits.What I would like to do is show how to do a portrait in a number of different ways, from very detailed, to extremely simple and fast. I am trying different approaches and making small samples for comparison.The participants will bring a photo of someone and we will create a pattern and start the quilt top using my “Heat-Set” technique. This will be a 2-day class with a lot to be learned.

Here are two that I am currently doing. There will be a few more before the class is ready to go live. I intentionally did both of these in the similar hue scheme so that we can compare the look.

The first one is quite complex with as much detail as the photograph contained. The pattern was created using Photoshop. The second one’s pattern was created my old-fashioned way, i.e., by hand. Still there is some complexity to the finished portrait but much less than portrait 1.They are not edge-ed (bordered and bound) as yet.

“Trio of Edge-ings” “Bording” and “Free-edge” Binding” CD is out!

Speaking of edge-ings, as promised, my CD on “Bordings” is here!! The CD contains three different and unusual quilt finished.With these “Bordings” I like to add 3-D flanges, so I also demonstrate how to do these.
What I call a “Boarding” is a very easy binding technique that looks just like a border/binding but is done in one simple step, very similar to a binding. I show you how to do it with the usual “miter” corners that a binding would have. I used this method in the below quilt of the Cone Flower and the Monarch.
or, fold-over corners “Bording”, as shown on the “Midnight Cone Flower” above.
Finally, I discovered this very easy binding that I like to use for more casual quilts. I call it “Free Edge” binding as the edge appearing on the front of the quilt is not stitched down as you usually would have in a binding.

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