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September 2015

September is here, Fall cannot be far!

Hope every one have a terrific July and August.  It is hard to believe that Fall is almost upon us.  The above picture is the real thing! taken on my day off in Kona, Hawaii on one of  the Black Sand Beaches.  It almost looks like a post card picture but it is the real thing!
Not much time for quilting in the last two month so no new quilts to share!  So sorry!

A few of my students’ quilts

This month I am showing a few student quilts that been shared with me and are completed and ready to be hung!

Thank you Pat, Yone, and Monica.  Quilts beautifully done!
Every one else, happy quilting and bring them on!  I will PUBLISH YOU AND YOUR QUILT.

Art classes in Costa Mesa

 Starting September, I will have one class on a Thursday and one on a Sunday each month.  This will hopefully enable a number of you who work during the week to still attend and learn, meet friends, do some textile work, and enjoy the time together.  Come spend 4 hours with me per session.
All my classes at Costa Mesa are ala Carte.  Choose one from the list list below or just come with some project and let’s work on it for 4 hours in a nice and quiet environment, with assistance if you need it.  Finish some of those UFO’s.
I only ask that you tell me ahead so I can bring any materials that I need to bring for the session.  Below is a list what I have taught and/or could teach again.

1) The Value of Value (see my 9/27/15 class, below)
2) The ever popular “Heat-Set” Machine appliqué (my goto technique)
3) Trapunto (stuffed technique) Thursday 10/8/15. Calendar update TBD
4) 3-Dimensional appliqué Sunday 10/25/15. Calendar update TBD
5)”Free Edge” machine appliqué (learn how to create wonderful 3-dimensional birds with Free-edge feathers)
6) Quilting your textile
7) Randomly Pieced Backgrounds (create your own background by using an easy piecing technique)
8) “Bordings” and Facings (make borders and other edge-ings that are unique and make your textile piece shine)
9) Envelope technique (if your piece does not need a binding, border or anything at all, this is the technique to know now to execute.
Note:  For classes 7, 8 and 9, above, if you cannot attend the class but want to learn the technique, order my CDs or the PDF files for each. No shipping for the PDF downloads.

September 10th  we continue what was started in the first session on August 27th.  However, you are invited to come and catch up even if you missed the first class.  I can easily bring you up to what the 2nd session is all about. Today we will continue to make the pattern from the favorite photo you chose so that you can make a terrific quilt.

On September 27 I will start one class a month on Sundays form 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. By popular request we will focus on Value and I will bring back my Value of Value class.  Come on over and bring a friend.

Spend 4 hours with me and choose what you want to do.  See my calendar for class description and supplies.  September has been posted.

RSVP me to sign up by emailing me with the class date you are interested, and join me at these classes.  Send me an email ( or reach me through my contract page (

Walk-ins are also welcome. Each session if only $20.00, well worth the information you will get.  I start 10 am sharp and we end at 2:00pm, with a lunch break at noon.  On Sundays I will start at 1:00 pm sharp and end at 4:30 pm.

Other upcoming workshops and classes

September is Nebraska time.  Visiting the Lincoln NE Quilt Guild on 9/14 and 9/15.
October is Wine Country in California visiting the Napa Valley Quilt Guild and the Foothill Quilt Guild in Auburn, CA on 10/10 – 10/13.  Then off to Beaumont, CA to visit the Pass Patchers on 10/21 and 22.
November is back to San Diego to visit the Seaside Quilters of San Diego on November 3-4, 2015

Answering your questions

If you have a question send it over!  I will be happy to think about it and figure out what I would do with it and then reply. Let me answer your questions and maybe I will learn something in the process.  I will do the research if needed and we will both benefit!

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