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September 2016

September 2016 Newsletter

Just came back from Golden, CO. after taping two classes with CRAFT UNIVERSITY. One of the classes was my “Heat-Set” Applique class and the Kingfisher (above) was the quilt I developed to walk through and demonstrate the technique.  The second will be my VALUE class.

What a great experience!  I think that the worst part was getting used to talking to “students” in the ether by looking at this camera with 2 google eyes taped on it.

The crew, Ginger, Valerie, Dreux, Brad and Noelle were marvelous and so very patient with me.  Thank you all!

The VALUE class (4 lessons) will be released later this year in November.  The “HEAT SET” applique class will release early next year.  Announcements will come out when they are ready.

These courses will be “on demand”, meaning that you will be able to start the class as soon as you buy it, and you will have access to me, the teacher, via email as long as the course runs, which is as long as there is interest.

Speaking of VALUE, have you seen my VALUE MATCHING TOOL?

This is a VALUE MATCHING TOOL that I designed and made available to all my students.  The tool has the 3 primary and 3 secondary hues and gray in the middle.  I use an 8-value scale when designing, so each hue/color has 8 values around each opening.  The way you work it is by placing the fabric, or any item you want to match the color and value of, under the opening and then match to the value surrounding the opening.
I use the tool to find values for fabric I am working with.  Also I use it when I am looking at a photo and want to match or find what is the value of an area in the photo I want to reproduce in fabric. These tools are available on my website at Tools for Sale.  So in this example the pink/red fabric is value 2!

Another great “tool” I have that will explain in detail, and give you a LOT of information on VALUE is my book.  The first two chapters explain what VALUE is, how to use it, how to “valuelize” your stash, and then work with it.

Check this link:  “Impressionist Applique – Exploring Value and Design to Create Artistic Quilts”.

Where I Have Been

August was busy with a visit to the Pine Needle Quilters in Wrightwood, CA.  To think that the week after I was there, they were threatened with extreme fires and some of the guild members and friends had to evacuated.  I hope they faired well and are back in their homes.

Also in August I taught at the LA QUILT SHOW in San Pedro, CA.  My quilt, “Sunset on the Beach”  won the Viewers Choice awards.

Then to Golden, CO. to tape the CRAFT UNIVERSITY classes.
We taped 2 classes, a full 4 lesson VALUE class to be offered by CRAFT University in November,  The second class was my “Heat-Set” class.  It will be offered to the public early next year.  It is a 5 lesson class from a pattern to quilted end. “Soup to nuts”.  Great class and I look forward to announcing it.
Above is a picture of the crew (Brad, Noelle, Valerie, Ginger, and Dreux) and the filming studio.

Labor Day – Saturday was the day for my “INTRO TO THE “HEAT-SET” class” at the San Diego Quilt Show.  What a great and fun class.  We made a small tulip to learn the technique first.  Then we got busy making the “masterpiece” sample.  And here is the TULIP Garden the gardeners.

Where am I Going Next?

I’ll be traveling to Tucson, AZ.  I will be teaching at the Tucson Quilt Guild and I just might have a little time to visit the Saguaro National Park.October  
Off to visit the Acacia Quilt Guild in Buena Park, CA.  Then I will be back in the Denver area in Colorado to visit the the Arapahoe County Quilters and the Common Thread Quilters.November
November will start with a visit to the High Desert Quilt Guild in Ridgecrest, CA.  Later a visit to the Greater Houston Quilters Guild and the West Houston Quilt Guild both in Houston, TX.

And that should wrap up a very busy and in my opinion, very successful and fun year.  YEY!  For more info on where I will be, please check out my website’s CALENDAR page.

Heads up about some 2017 workshops that require longer planning on your part:
– AQS (American Quilters Society) – March 29-April 1 in Lancaster, PA.  Teaching many different 1-day classes
3/29 – Value of VALUE lecture and Trapunto Technique class
3/30 – Introduction to the Amazing “Heat-Set” applique technique
3/31 – Randomly Pieced Background class and the Envelope Edge techniques
4/1 – Reverse Applique

– New Zealand Quilt Symposium in Christchurch, NZ on October 5-10, 2017.  Make plans now!!!

Three classes offered, one designed for the New Zealand Symposium I call “A Bird View” introducing the “Free Edge” applique technique.  Also “Reverse Applique”, and a 2-day “From Photo to Portrait Quilt” Class focusing on people and animal portraits from inspiring photos.

Looking forward to many pictures and many great times from all these visits. Hope to see you there!

Students’ Successes

Thank you Bunky Frame and Clare Hunter, Jan Nielsen and Lyra Bobo, Maggie Cosner, Audrey Ferguson, and Monica Schurter.

Keep them coming, I love to share students accomplishments to inspire and encourage you all.

Unfortunately in the last few months I have had very few of my own accomplishments due to lack of time and travel.  Maybe with the holidays in latter part of November and December I will be able to share some of my own work.

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