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Shipping Information:
Based on Subtotal:
$0 - $5.00, shipping is $2.25
$5.01 - $20, shipping is $4.25
$20.01 - $60, shipping is $8.00
anything above $60, shipping is $11.00
**The above chart does not apply to International Orders**

Optionally if you do not want to order using PayPal or a Credit Card, you can pay by check by contacting me directly through the Contact Page for your order. Contact Grace at gracerrea@gmail.com.

Please let Grace know if there are any problems and/or if you are not happy with the product. Shipment will be done within 5 working days of receipt of order. For orders outside the United States please contact Grace at gracerrea@gmail.com.

Commission Work

Grace is very happy to discuss and produce works on commission. To start the process send an email to gracerrea@gmail.com or use the Contact page on this website to get in touch with her. Please include your telephone number, when contacting.

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