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“Understanding VALUE in Quilt Design”

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Access to course materials starts 11/06/16 Anytime, anywhere, with computer, tablet or smartphone or go to Craft University and then search for Understanding Value in Quilt Design.

Understanding Value in Quilt Design

Whether you are a beginner and want to understand how the elements of art influence design; or you are advanced and want to take your skills to the next level, this class is created for you. At the completion you will understand how design is influenced by one extremely important art element: VALUE. Getting familiar with VALUE will enable amazing creations and is applicable to paint, textile, and really any media.

In articles, books, classes that you have taken, VALUE is not usually given a lot of discussion. Most attention is paid to Color. Yet Color is only secondarily important in successful design.

Specific to quilting, this class is a must know for both art and traditional quilters. VALUE is what makes beautiful things glow although most times, color gets the credit.

VALUE is the key to creating exceptional work. This class focuses on the important tools in creating inspirational botanicals, landscapes, and portraits. It will provide an overview of color harmony, color theory, the psychology of color and the expressive aspects of color and VALUE. Then, it will focus on VALUE, where and how to use it to create and emphasize a focal point, to set a mood in an art pieces, to create 3-dimensionality or to create amazing portraiture.

By the end of the class the student will realize that VALUE is the dynamic difference between good quilts and amazing quilts. You will see the world in a totally different way and you will start releasing the artist within!

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