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Quilts and Workshops by Grace Errea

Exploring Value in Quilting

This 1-Day class focuses on Value and its importance in art.  The various aspects of color harmonies, value, color theory, psychology or color, the expressive aspects of color and value in nature and in art/quilts will be discussed and demonstrated.  At completion of the class students will see value and color in a new way and will start releasing the artist within.

Students will learn how to use Value to create a focal point, to set the mood in a piece, to create 3-dimensionality or to give the perception of perspective in a landscape.

We will start by creating a perfect 8-value gray scale from fabrics provided by the teacher.  Then, using your own fabric chips that you will bring, in the other hues (red, blue, yellow, green, purple, and orange) we will create the Periodic Table of Value in Color.

By the end of the class you will realize that Value is the dynamic difference between good quilts and amazing quilts.

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