Amazing Quilts by Grace

Quilts and Workshops by Grace Errea


The workshops listed below are available. Each is designed to provide opportunities to learn new techniques or new ways with old techniques, and to experiment. This all leading into amazing new creations.

All classes can be combined to create multiple-day workshops and seminars so that, for example, we can start by learning about the importance of Value and Color in Quilts and then, using this information spend the next day(s) creating one of the offered quilts, such as one of the Hen and Chicks or any other of your choice.

In a 1-day class, participants will learn the basics for creating a quilt top using the chosen process (Turned edge, Raw edge, Free edge applique or Take-Away applique). In a multiple-Day class the participants will continue working on the quilt top. This includes bordering, quilting and completing it into a finished wall hanging.

***** Grace can also teach private classes, in your own location. If driving, please keep distance within 100 mile radius of Laguna Niguel, CA. I will pay for the mileage and you provide the location. If further, Grace will gladly travel but, please Contact Grace to discuss.

Multiple consecutive day classes will require a place to stay overnight. Teaching fee is $45/person, and the minimum attendees is 4.

Please Contact Grace to discuss classes, schedule, descriptions, supplies, etc.

All class Descriptions and Supply Lists are in “printable form”.

  1. 1. Exploring Value in Quilting (1 Day)
  2. 2. Intro to “Heat-Set” Machine Applique (1 Day) New “Heat-Set” Technique!!!!!
  3. 3. Intro to “Heat-Set” Machine Applique (2 or more days)
  4. 4. Finishing your Textile Creation(1 Day)
  5. 5. Perfect Bindings with 3-Dimensional Flanges (1 Day)
  6. 6. Bird-View with “Free-Edge” machine applique  – New Class
  7. 7. Amazing Quilts!, From Pattern to Finished Quilt (3-4 Days)..
  8. 8. From Inspiration to Amazing Quilt Top – Multiple Day Workshop Introducing the new “Heat-Set” Technique !!!!
  9. 9. From Inspirational Photo to Quilt Pattern (1 Days)
  10. 10. Portraiture – From Photo to a Textile Portrait (2-Day Class) Brand new class, just developed and dying to meet new students !!!!!!!
  11. 11. Cut Away or Reverse Applique (1-2 Days)
  12. 12. Creative Threadwork “ Drawing and Painting with Thread” (1 Day)
  13. 13.Thread Drawing and Quilting Art-Quilts (1 Day)
  14. 14. Trapunto Technique (Stuffed Applique) (1-Day)
  1. 15. Multiple Day Workshops/Seminars/Retreats and Customized Classes
  2. 16. 2-5 Day Independent Workshop
  3. 17. 5-Days Retreats or Seminars
  4. 18. International Quilt Fest – Chicago – April 12-14, 2018
  5. ———————————————————————
  1. Workshop requirements and costs
  2. Schedule a workshop

  • All the above classes can be designed to be 1-Day to 5-Day.
  • All levels.
  • 20 students Maximum -Intermediate to Advanced Level.  Additional students are welcome at a $25/person charge
  • Each day class is approximately 6 hours and includes a 1/2 hour for lunch.

For teaching charges, please contact Grace: Contact Page

Some classes have a small material fee the following items, as applicable to the class.  It will be documented in the class description/supply list.


1) Quilter’s Magical Journey –

A fun show-and-tell of Grace’s experiences from her quilting beginning to current time. Examples of real live quilts showing all the growth and the transitions that have transpired in the past 7-10 years.

2) The Value of “Value”-

Color get the credit but VALUE is what always makes a successful textile piece. Learn all about VALUE, how to see it, how to use it, and how to always come out with an amazing, successful piece by focusing on value and letting all else fall into place naturally.

Please contact Grace for presentation fee. Contact Page

Cost of travel from Southern California. If driving, sponsor to pay all transportation (including bridge tolls and parking fees), and meals.

For travel by air, it is the sponsor’s responsibility to account for:

  • shipping or additional charges for baggage imposed by some airlines, both ways
  • mileage to and from airport, driving to and from hotel to venues
  • mileage to/from the California airport and parking or shuttle service, whatever is least expensive


Room and Board provided by the sponsor, in a non-smoking hotel/motel environment and all meals from the time Grace leaves the house to the time she returns.

For more information please see Grace’s contract.

Grace’s Agreement/Contract Doc

If you have any questions about workshops or lectures, or would like to schedule one, please use the Contact Page.